An experiment in teaching

Here’s a little video I made about how to approach drawing complex things. If you can’t make it to my workshop today, this may inspire you to do some drawing this weekend nonetheless.

What do you think?

47 thoughts on “An experiment in teaching

  1. Fantastic little video! I’m going to show my art 9/10 students today. And I second the idea of online workshops- sign me up!

  2. This was great! I like the idea of using different pen widths, and it helps a lot to have a method for breaking down complex objects. Thanks!

  3. Excellent video! Many thanks for sharing the tips. Getting started / knowing howto approach the sketch is half the battle.

  4. Thanks a lot for the video….like usually you are a great inspiration!!! I like it all : the lesson, the décor(behind you), the confident look in the camera, the way you video tape it and organize it for us…I/we can’t get enough! :0)

    Looking forward for the post after workshop…

  5. OK, where’s my dollar bill – I want to try to do that. Thanks for making it look so easy to do by breaking it down into logical steps. I always forget to physically measure with my pencil or whatever to check relationships between lines, etc. I usually try to just always eyeball it, and that doesn’t work as well sometimes. Thanks for the great tutorial. I agree with Eveline,
    Would love to take an online class from you. K

  6. Thanks for the particulars, the pens, the sumi ink, etc. I love that you included the “oops…” in the video.. made it much less like a technical tutorial, more fun!

  7. Thanks so much for this Danny– I am sorry I had to cancel my reservation at Rowe, but this is a fine consolation prize. I love your teaching style, helpful and light-hearted. :-)

  8. I learned more from this short video than from a 3 hour art class! You make it seem so easy and achievable! I am inspired and would like to put in a request for an on-line workshop! :)

  9. Hi Danny,
    this is really INSPIRING and funny (drawing a rumbled bill)!
    I will try it with “euro” !!! :-)))

    Best wishes for your workshop!
    – Matthias (Germany)

  10. Your use of the word “landmarks” really resonates with me. The 4 minute length is perfect. Your specifics about tools and application are very efficient. This is a wonderful tutorial and I hope you produce more. You are a very good teacher.

  11. What a great video! Not only did you take the “where do I start?!” feeling away, you also offered the information in such a peaceful and happy setting (loved the chirping birds in the background!). Thanks! =)

  12. You have such a gift! Teaching anything is not easy, especially something technical involving mechanics. Hoping you’ll do a series of online videos. I’d gladly pay for lessons.

  13. Thanks for this! I do like how you include the materials used in both this video and your video interviews with other artists. I learn so much. This time I learned about Sumi ink. I hope to try it and hope to adapt this drawing method using other materials I have on hand.

  14. I can’t believe you have not yet run an online class! You come across so clearly on the video – organised in your approach, relaxed and encouraging, very natural. Please help the rest of us who will never make it to the States and run an online class. It will be huge!

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