1. Keri Jayne

    A really informative piece.thank you

  2. Eveline

    I see an online workshop in your future. Or, we can but hope. ;)

  3. Deborah Thomas

    Fantastic! Thanks!!!!

  4. Sarah Bayly

    Wow … it makes drawing looking so easy! Online workshops would be fantastic.. I’d pay for a service like that.

  5. Eileen Korponay

    Thanks Danny, this is fun!

  6. Francine

    Thanks! Wish I was going to the workshop. You inspire me .

  7. paula seixas


  8. Tina

    Fantastic little video! I’m going to show my art 9/10 students today. And I second the idea of online workshops- sign me up!

  9. Andrea Hawkes

    I loved this video – (I am such a fan!) I wish I was at your workshop.

  10. Christine

    Claire, 7 years old, and her mom, love this!!! We would like you to do more!!!!!!

  11. Sally Lynn MacDonald

    You did a really great job of breaking it down into achievable bits. Looking forward to this weekend!

  12. Pam

    This was great! I like the idea of using different pen widths, and it helps a lot to have a method for breaking down complex objects. Thanks!

  13. Stefan Ledin

    Excellent video! Many thanks for sharing the tips. Getting started / knowing howto approach the sketch is half the battle.

  14. gypsysnail

    This was fantastic to see, needed a lesson on this, back to basics at times is great. Thanks for the vid :-)

  15. Kathleen Snyder Tanguy

    Very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Raquel Agrella Galván

    You have to do your workshop online next time! Awesome video.

  17. Nikita

    Thanks a lot for the video….like usually you are a great inspiration!!! I like it all : the lesson, the décor(behind you), the confident look in the camera, the way you video tape it and organize it for us…I/we can’t get enough! :0)

    Looking forward for the post after workshop…

  18. Kay Gasser

    OK, where’s my dollar bill – I want to try to do that. Thanks for making it look so easy to do by breaking it down into logical steps. I always forget to physically measure with my pencil or whatever to check relationships between lines, etc. I usually try to just always eyeball it, and that doesn’t work as well sometimes. Thanks for the great tutorial. I agree with Eveline,
    Would love to take an online class from you. K

  19. Nuno

    Thank you very much for the video.

  20. Jane Hart

    Great, Danny! You make it seem so draw-able!

  21. Laura Sfiat

    Great video, simple and easy to grasp!

  22. Laura Sfiat

    Reblogged this on BelleArtwork and commented:
    wonderful video with simple to follow instruction by author Danny Gregory

  23. Elsbeth McLeod

    Thanks for the particulars, the pens, the sumi ink, etc. I love that you included the “oops…” in the video.. made it much less like a technical tutorial, more fun!

  24. lindsay816

    Danny, I love your videos! thanks

  25. Bobbie Herron

    Thanks so much for this Danny– I am sorry I had to cancel my reservation at Rowe, but this is a fine consolation prize. I love your teaching style, helpful and light-hearted. :-)

  26. Joy Corcoran

    Great video. I’m sharing it. I know you’re teaching an excellent class :)

  27. Holly Kreag

    Very cool, Danny. I’m really wishing I were at your drawing weekend right now!

  28. softmechanic

    Love this video! Wish I was at your workshop right now . Have a great weekend!

  29. Shelly

    I learned more from this short video than from a 3 hour art class! You make it seem so easy and achievable! I am inspired and would like to put in a request for an on-line workshop! :)

  30. Matthias

    Hi Danny,
    this is really INSPIRING and funny (drawing a rumbled bill)!
    I will try it with “euro” !!! :-)))

    Best wishes for your workshop!
    - Matthias (Germany)

  31. Susan

    Awesome video, Danny – fun and inspiring – as I’m sure your workshop will be this weekend!!

  32. SiverBlack

    Dig it! I bet your workshop will be loads of fun.

  33. Laura

    Your use of the word “landmarks” really resonates with me. The 4 minute length is perfect. Your specifics about tools and application are very efficient. This is a wonderful tutorial and I hope you produce more. You are a very good teacher.

  34. Darlene Propp

    This is intriguing! And I have to get some Sumi ink. :-)

  35. Adriana DiLiberto

    Strategies!! I love that, and landmarks! Great video, thanks!!!

  36. Emie

    I agree with many of the others… an online workshop would be fabulous!!!!!

  37. mnlady54

    Thank you! This helps me so much!

  38. Tracey in MN

    What a great video! Not only did you take the “where do I start?!” feeling away, you also offered the information in such a peaceful and happy setting (loved the chirping birds in the background!). Thanks! =)

  39. Darlene Campbell

    Wonderful video. Going to get my sumi ink out right now.

  40. Joan

    You have such a gift! Teaching anything is not easy, especially something technical involving mechanics. Hoping you’ll do a series of online videos. I’d gladly pay for lessons.

  41. Cara Hayes

    Thanks for this! I do like how you include the materials used in both this video and your video interviews with other artists. I learn so much. This time I learned about Sumi ink. I hope to try it and hope to adapt this drawing method using other materials I have on hand.

  42. Alexa

    I can’t believe you have not yet run an online class! You come across so clearly on the video – organised in your approach, relaxed and encouraging, very natural. Please help the rest of us who will never make it to the States and run an online class. It will be huge!

  43. pioniere

    Great stuff, thanks!

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