Sketchbook Skool Update: Danny & Koosje

We’re just a little over a month from the first day of Sketchbook Skool.  Every week or so, we’re going to do a little Skype chat with one or another of our teachers about what’s coming up and what they have planned for their klasses.  Here’s the first one in which I tell Koosje what I have in store for you.

If you’re having a problem watching this on an iPad or Mac, please make sure you have updated your system. There was a very important update from Apple today that protects your security. I urge you to make sure your system is current.  That may not be the cause of the problem with this video, but I have tested it on an updated iPad and a Powerbook and it is fine.

39 thoughts on “Sketchbook Skool Update: Danny & Koosje

  1. How is this sketchbook school going to work? are you going to have online classes or is it just in your area? Because I have been following Danny Greggory for awhile now and he has really helped me come out of my shell! I would love to be apart of this

  2. Thanks Danny and Koosje! :) It’s great to watch these videos and get glimpses of the fun that will begin on 4th of April! I’m super excited about sketchbookskool! Can’t wait to get started on this journey! I have already started drawing and sharing at. The EDM group on Facebook as a first step :)

  3. Danny and Koosjie, Thanks for starting this series of videos. I have been hesitating about signing up because I need to understand the goals for each of the sessions to see how they will match with my personal goals. Your video was a great start. I am paraphrasing you here, but I think you are saying that you want to get the group started in the first session interpreting their world(s) through drawing and learn what illustrated journaling and sketching is all about. The goal is not to draw perfectly but to become more creative and inspired. You emphasized how the participants will stimulated each other through sharing their thoughts and their drawings in an on-line community.

    I realize this post is a little left brained and perhaps expressed awkwardly, but it is helpful for me to know what I may be committing to. Thanks again for posting the video. I look forward to each video from the instructors through the next few weeks. They will be helpful in my decision-making


  4. The video keeps cutting out on me…my Mac Book Pro. I don’t understand why. I’m concerned that I won’t be able to take the class!

      • Yes, I’ve watched all of your videos! And I finally got to watch this one. I didn’t do anything different, just kept trying and it played through without stopping. Couldn’t play it on my iPad though. I’ll check for updates for it. (And I have all of your books!)

  5. Having same issue as Rosanne. Stops playing after about 5-10 seconds. Same computer, MacBook Pro. I don’t remember if I’ve watched any other videos.

  6. I am so ready for this. I’m currently between jobs and making art has taken a back seat to the grind of job-seeking. Then I feel guilty that I don’t make time for art and nourish myself. So this is a terrific prompt, a way to do something good for my soul when I’ve lost something so important. Also, my husband suggested I do this AND your class at the Open Center here in NYC (and Seth Apter said not to miss it too!) So I’m all in! Can’t wait to see what’s in store and meet the artists and my Klassmates. Yes!

  7. Two things I’m really looking forward to: Spring and Sketchbook Skool! And they will be happening together in my neck of the woods. Come on April 4th!

  8. Oh, too, funny!!! As soon as I left my last message and by doing it “signed in ” with Word Press, Bingo!!! The video worked as I gave it one more try! LOL!
    Great video and can’t wait for April 4 to come around! I draw everyday, but still know I’ll learn so much from Sketchbook Skool!

  9. I got through about four and a half minutes of your video, Danny, Koosje, and it stopped. Couldn’t get it to play anymore, even pushing the time forward a bit. So sad. I’ve never had that happen before with your videos, and I’m on a Mac. Looking at the previous comments, maybe something’s changed in your video tools that doesn’t work well for Macs?

  10. If you’re having a problem watching the video above on an iPad or Mac, please make sure you have updated your system. There was a very important update from Apple today that protects your security. I urge you to make sure your system is current. That may not be the cause of the problem with this video, but I have tested it on an updated iPad and a Pbook and it is fine.

    • I upgraded my iPad like you advised, and it seems to play the video okay. The Mac computer still gets stuck halfway, though, so I’ll either see if there’s an update that might help, or just watch the videos on my iPad from here on out.

  11. Danny,I am not sure if the Skool is suitable for me and seek your advice ,please. I have the use of one hand only due to the result of a stroke.If it requires writing,I have difficulty, as I learning to do things with my non dominate hand.I have managed to painting and drawing again,but decent writing is proving difficult.Could you please advice?Thanks.

    • Dorrie, the amount you participate is up to you. There may be a few questions in each klass which you can answer with a sentence or two but if you prefer to simply follow along and read others responses, that is fine. The main point is to draw and if you can do that you’re in business.

  12. Danny I am signing up as soon as I can afford it; struggling to get the $$ together! I have a recommendation. I took a class and the teachers had discussions on their blog site, but also opened a facebook page. Having the two posting places diluted the posts. So, CHOOSE! It is okay to do the one or the other, but choose and don’t let it dilute. The postings have been so great, but we have to double post or choose which one we will go to to see how everyone is doing. See you soon! Best, Kate

  13. Hi Danny – I am using a Windows 8 laptop and the video cuts out right before you start to give your talk about the first class and your approach. Have reloaded a few times but no luck. I have previously watched many of your videos on this computer with no trouble. Not sure if anyone else is having trouble on a PC. By the way, I can’t wait for Skool and I just signed up for your workshop in NYC on April 5th. So excited!

  14. I can’t view the video on my updated ipad (URL not found on the server) or my Dell laptop (it skips from 1:17 to the end). I’ve never had trouble viewing your videos before on either device.

  15. I am on a Samsung laptop and the video cut out much the same time as Maxine – 5 minute mark. Do hope the Sketchbook videos won’t have the same problem… i’ll try again on my updated iPad.

  16. FYI: On my old MacBook Pro running 10.6.8, Firefox 24 cuts out at ~4.30 but Safari 5.1.10 plays the whole thing from beginning to end. (Phew…)

  17. I’m registered for Sketchbook Skool and have watched all of the update videos. I’ve seen you, Koosje, Tommy, Prashant and Roz. Who is the sixth teacher?

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