Late Night

I have been quite busy launching some new advertising for Chase over the past couple of months. You may have seen my newest spots on the air for the new Chase Freedom credit card. If not, check ’em out here (click on Watch TV Spots).
Anyway, making these spots was fairly arduous and involved endless long nights in a studio, watching digital paint dry, drawing (and painting with tea) and eating biscuits. We also created half dozen digital kaleidoscopes that are in magazine and newspapers and wild posting around about.
One of the most interesting things about the project has been that we bought the song, “I’m Free” by The Rolling Stones and then worked with Moby, Fatboy Slim, The Postal Service and Hot Chip to reinterpret it. Mick Jagger sings the vocals and everything is brand new. The Stones are releasing our music as an album on iTunes in the next couple of weeks and we are about to do a new round of “I’m Free” remixes with other great artists.

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