Fleedom's just another word for nothing left to delouse.

While we were away, so were our hounds, Joe and Tim. They went to stay with the Globuses (their breeders) and various relatives in Fire Island.The highlight of their vacation was when Joe, a natural hunter, escaped from the compound and went over to the neighbors where he found a dead (and non-rabid) raccoon. Tim (Robin to Joe’s Batman) followed. Their various cousins stayed safely at home.
We were hound-less for quite a while upon our return as it took forever for Captain Ron Globus to make it back to the city with his boarders. We consoled ourselves by sleeping in and missing morning walks.

Joe and Tim brought some friends back to the City– a pack of fleas. They were both scratching and nipping until Jack and I took them for a scrub. Normally, we wash them in the kitchen sink but this itchuation called for professional help. We scooted them right over to the Village dog wash and soaked them in some special flea bath until they were squeaky clean and calm again.

Though I try to control the temptation to use blue shadows in my paintings, I love the way these worked against Joe’s ginger fur. In fact, let’s be honest, I rarely avoid the temptation to use blue shadows. I’m sure if I was lady, I’d wear blue eye-shadow and coral lipstick like my mother-in-law Phyl used to.

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