We had a very succesful reading the other night. A few dozen folks showed up and I read from EDM and Creative License. It’s sort of odd that I have only done this one reading from my books; they adapt themselves to being read aloud much better than I’d imagined. Maybe I’ll get invited to do some more.

RIght now I am packing up to go to Vancouver, Canada for the week. I am shooting a couple of Crayola commercials there and am quite excited to visit a city I’ve heard is very nice.

Jack’s band, the Peeps, are playing tonight. They are doing an Allman Brothers song and AC/DC’s TNT. It’s the hardest rock they’ve done so far, reflecting their changing lineup. They have a new guitarist (who wants to rtname the band ‘King Kong’) and they have replaced their vocalist. Jack is very into a book called Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, presumably preparing for The Peeps’ inevitable World Tour.

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