Idol effort

It was very nice to come back to the Arctic tundra formally known as New York City. My family survived my absence though my dogs did need a good bath yesterday.

As you may know, I am a big Ronald Searle fan and when I discovered he was still alive (and 87 years old), I got his address from my uncle and sent him a copy of Everyday Matters (if you check the last page of your copy, you’ll see I thank him in the acknowledgments) . I’ve had to wait for a while to hear his reaction but it was worth it when I got back from Vancouver and Patti handed me an envelope from France.

Inside was this postcard from Mr. Searle. His comments were very nice, reffering to Everyday Matters as a “a fascinating microcosm. The sort of intimate study that is invaluable to future sociologists!”
Frankly, he could have told me he’d loathed and I would have still been ecstatic to actually have my idol comment on my work. Now that I have received lovely notes from the trifecta of Searle, Crumb and Chris Ware, I can die a happy man.

If the day is bland, give it insane color.

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