Yesterday was several memorable things: freezing cold, Valentine’s Day and my sister, Miranda’s 40th birthday. Today promises to be significant too as Miranda is in the hospital in Brooklyn, well-dilated and about to pop out her first child. We don’t know its gender but are very excitedly hoping we’ll meet him/her/it later today. It’ll be nice to have a new family member.

Patti is housebound these days. Even her scooter can’t make it over the drifts of snow that are piled up at every corner. Our dogs have a love/hate relationship with the snow. They love to run around in the park, cavorting and sniffing. But the salt that the local janitors spread with such abandon stings their paws and hobbles them. I carry their little sweater-clad, sausage bodies to the park and dump them onto the lawn so they can frisk about. They come home full of energy, shedding their sweaters with a shake, and madly dashing around the house.

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