An Illustrated Life: the Podcast

One of the most exciting aspects of working on my upcoming book, “An Illustrated Life: drawing inspiration form the private sketchbooks of artists, illustrators and designers” has been the chance to get in touch with the many artists whose work I have admired and learned from since I began to draw. Each of the fifty contributors to the book have granted me a lengthy interview to include with the pages from their journals and sketchbooks.
Starting this week, I shall be producing a podcast that will share the experiences and musings of each of these artists to whet your appetite for the book to come.
We begin with a lengthy chat with Peter Arkle, a transplanted Scotsman who now lives and works in New York. His sketchbook drawings regularly appear in all sorts of publications and are simple, direct, and often hilarious observations about the world around him. For the last fifteen years or so, he has also intermittently published Peter Arkle News, a personal tabloid full of drawings and adventures.
I urge you to
listen to our conversation ( It’s about 37 minutes long — I think future episodes will be shorter)
and browse his website.
If you find this first podcast promising, please stay tuned and consider subscribing via RSS or iTunes* to what I hope will be a weekly or thereabouts feature until the book comes out this Fall.
Next episode: Cathy Johnson
* If you subscribe via iTunes, in the short term it may take you to a page for my old podcast, Everyday Matters. The feed is the same so just subscribe away and you’ll get the new show.

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