Everyone has one…


In a masochistic fit, I have been reading the comments people have been making on YouTube about my commercials. People are so extreme. Some complain about the interest charges Chase put on their card, others link them to some fictional Nazi past, others cry or write paeans to actors playing minor roles. Some just dispute the commercial’s claim:

“This commerical suck balls no atm in the world that quick what a bunch of liers “

Some just plain hate my client:

Chase is an enemy institution that every town should vandalize with bricks and spray cans.

The most recent frenzy has been around the fact that I had Peter Murphy of the band Bauhaus cover “Instant Karma” by John Lennon.This strikes people as a betrayal on about six dimensions and they have filled five pages of comments on YouTube.

“Oh, come on, Pete, are you really that strapped for cash? “

“i could imagine Peter appearing on that commercial as a cute dolphin [sic] to the sea.”

“I hate this song, initially sounds like he’s trying to squeeze one out…”OOOONNNN and OOOOOONNNN and OOOONNNN”

“I owe chase $600.00. I love this commercial so I might consider paying them back.”

“Brilliant! … Nice to see such esoteric luminous creative for a freaking bank commercial. It’s about time things were bumped up a notch!”

I just like the song, and I like Bauhaus, so I am a bit mystified by the fuss. But then,  I’m just an ad guy.

Another phenomenon is when people who are involved with some aspect of the commercial, adopt it as their own. For instance, people who like one of the actors or in, one case, a dog, who appears in the spot.

There’s grumbling though, even among the fans:

“dangerous!!!! Chase is encouraging young people to break the laws and run a muck!!!:

Sometimes the reaction is positive. Like, in this case, when a song I used in a  spot became a pretty big hit and “100 Years” by Five for Fighting was back on the charts.

dude can u plz tell me the name of this song ive been lookin for it for like 2 years now -.-…

“i love this song. it’s soooo amazing. i want it played at my wedding.”

Sometimes there are a lot of positive scomments, like the ones for this mawkish spot I did a few years ago.

“This is like one of the most touching commercials I’ve seen to date. Wow, I’m sold! The power of commercials cannot be underestimated!”

Then there’s the really fantastic post where someone took one of my commercials and endeavored to prove that it was seeded with hidden swastikas, proving that Chase was trying to bring back the Third Reich. I kid you not.

If they make fascism look warm and fuzzy who wouldn’t want it?

its great to know others notice the obvious swastika in the Chase logo. The fact that they even shift the logo to show the swastika shows that they are trying to get us sheeple to get used to the logo again.

Yeah and Kermit the frog is a alien transported to brainwash us all. Damn dude take your medication, I dont give a damn about Chase but that is about the strangest connection Ive ever heard.

And one final spot from

a scum sucking rat turd.

I love the Internet! (This post is for my pal, Richard Hall)

7 thoughts on “Everyone has one…”

  1. Danny, I guess I'm just a child of tv advertising. I love them all as visual and audio moments. (But then I'm always singing tv ad jingles too.) I loved the black and white photography in one of the early ones. I'm with the commentator who suggested someone keep on their meds over the swastika, their morphing didn't convince me at all. The great thing about being in advertising is that you have to have one hell of a thick skin right!? Thank goodness you can keep your sense of humor (and let it show in your work).

    I enjoyed viewing all these adds and now I have a strange urge to go change my bank affiliation…
    Or, wait, get another dog, yeah, that's the ticket. That wasn't even a subtle subliminal message!


    1. My skin is like a rhino's.
      And yes, encouraging dog ownership is definitely my main strategy. I have done just one spot on drawing. Time to advance that agenda too.


  2. I'm a Brit so am not familiar with Chase – but liked the earlier and later ads, less so the middle ones, but love your music choices. You clearly have a creative ear as well as a creative eye! As far as the comments go – some people just don't have enough useful things to do with their time. Maybe they should take up drawing….


  3. Simply amazing… you couldn't make up some of those comments if you tried, right?!? Too funny, although it is kind of scary to think about how unhappy some of those folks, with too much time on their hands, must be!


  4. That reminds me that Procter & Gamble's old, moon and 13 stars, logo, _proves_, proves beyond any doubt, that they're satanist! (Ask Amway if you don't believe me!) Now I see the connections! Chase has money, Procter & Gamble sells soap, Danny Gregory accepts money from Chase _and_ uses soap! The horror of it all. The only way to save ourselves from satan AND nazism is to boycott Danny Gregory after giving him all our money. What you don't follow? The logic is there for all who have eyes to see!


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