A night I'll never forget

Last night we had the most extraordinary memorial tribute to Patti. There were over 200 people attending and people had to wait outside to get in. There was singing and story telling and orchids and roses and the most love I have felt in my life.

My joke with the many friends who helped to plan the evening was that we should have a party so fantastic that Patti would be really mad she wasn’t there. The evening was that and much more … and Patti did attend — her spirit was very much alive all night.
Jack and I talked when we’d come home and both felt the same thing: that the horrible void we’ve had since last Thursday has been replaced by a peaceful knowledge that we are going to be alright because so many, many people loved Patti and us and will always be there for us, making sure we don’t go off the rails.
Thank you everyone who was there and to the many others who sent us messages of peace and support. We are very fortunate.

14 thoughts on “A night I'll never forget”

  1. Many of us were there in spirit if not in person.
    You and Jack have handled enormous adversity not just once but several times in your lives with such dignity and grace. While I've never met you or Patti, her spirit will live on in so many hearts. She has served as inspiration to many in ways you'll never even know.


  2. Danny, thanks to you and Patti I learnt how to draw. I am sorry for your loss as deeply as if it happened in my own family, Today it's one year since the death of someone I loved with all my heart. I just want to tell you that I know how it feels, how it tastes, how it hurls you into the abyss, how love can soar in a time like this and become a protective wing, and I promise you this, as unbelievable as it may seem now: that protective wing will never leave you and Jack, it will sustain you, it will fill you with grace, it will bring an ocean of surprises, you will never, never be alone. Love, Marina


  3. I don't know if you have had a chance to visit the Everyday Matters posts, but there are many of us there that feel so indebted to you, and we are all so very sorry for your terrible loss. When you are up to it, when you need it, it might be comforting to read those posts. In the meantime, please know our thoughts and prayers are with you and your son.


  4. it was so amazing — the few people I meet and the old friends I knew, we were there for the same reason to honor the wonderful person Patti we will always love


  5. Danny,
    I'm just a fan– I know you through your work, your books and all of the aspects of your life you've shared online. I was heartbroken to hear of Patti's passing and can only send you and Jack Tea all the love and peace in the world. And yes, I will draw from life.


  6. Danny & Jack
    I have been terribly sad over this news for days. I can only imagine what it's like for both of you. I'm so glad drawing is again your friend & strength. Patti is not gone…she has just changed form and will always be right there. Bless you both and I wish you much peace~~~ Jan in Milw., Wisconsin


  7. Dear Danny and Jack
    I cannot believe the grief I also feel for this lady who I have never met. It was such a shock. Like others I have been inspired by you all to keep my creative streak going with my illustrated journal and I am so glad to see you are once again finding it therapeutic to draw and create. Painting and drawing has helped me also in times of sadness and grief. My thoughts are with you all (Danny, Jack and your dear Patti)
    Pam, Watford UK


  8. Danny, you, Patti and Jack have always been an inspiration to me, I have (re)learned how to draw because of you guys. The day I met you while I was living in NY was a very special day to me and I will never forget Patti's smile and kindness, and the strenght that just emanated from her. I'm sending the three of you all my love.
    Paula, from Brazil


  9. It must give you great comfort to know how much Patti was loved, and you and Jack are too. That helps you carry on. When I heard you speak in Portland last year, it was evident to me how much Patti meant to you and how she inspired your work. I know that inspiration will continue, as you have inspired thousands of us to just pick up that pen and draw.


  10. I go about my day and then the two of you enter my mind. I’m hoping that the hole you must feel in your hearts is indeed filled by the love so many send your way. Those of us who didn’t personally meet Patti, but met her through you and Jack’s videos. Get your courage to move on from each other and those of us who send you our love and support filled prayers. She will live on forever.


  11. Danny:

    I think we met many years ago at my brother Jack and his partner Ernie’s loft in Lower Manhattan. I just learned about Patti’s tragic death. When I first met Patti she had just moved to New York. She was a delightful, fun, spunky young woman, and I enjoyed every moment with her. I am so saddened to hear of her passing. My thoughts are with you and your son, Jack.


  12. sry for my poor english. my wife and i we love your painting. So we somehow get a little part of your life. We are very sorry about your loss and wish you all the power to continue

    Katja and Bernd germany


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