20 thoughts on “Black and white”

  1. It is definitely a vision consideration. Most of your readers may be young, but for the older folks, white on black is more difficult to decipher…I agree with Barbara Daley, I would have kept reading anyway, and I understand the visual attractiveness of white on black, but going back is better.


  2. just glad you’re posting more frequently again. I’m in the middle of a job change and moving from LA to San Francisco, so your blog is a comfy familiar place! ciao


  3. I much, much prefer black type on white: I know artwork on a screen looks dramatic on a black background, but somehow it looks “digital” and not real to me when I see it like that… and i much prefer to read type like I would in a book.


  4. Nothing wrong at all :o) For me, reading your blog is all about the thoughtful, candid expression; the colours don’t matter as much. (Although if you changed to something truly unbearable to read, like acid green on fuchsia, I might change my tune.)

    Hi from a relatively new reader in Australia!


  5. Guess I’m outnumbered. I PREFER the white on black. It somehow adds to the artistic flavour of your blog–more dramatic impact and I’ve never had a problem reading it.


  6. Hi – I agree with Lynne. I loved the old theme. I found it more interesting visually, and never had any trouble with it visually (and I also have astigmatism). Not to insult anyone, but I wonder how much of the criticism is simply people adopting a prejudiced notion that they heard or read somewhere else.


    1. Hello Kim,
      Just a little addition here. Not only is the white on black more impressive graphically, I think it is actually easier to read. The black on white often seems to me more like grey on white. It is indistinct enough to sort of blur into the background. (For example, look at the banner above. The “Danny Gregory” really stands out because it is large and bold as does the little strip in white on black below the picture.) When I e-mail people I always use an interesting font, increase the size and usually add a colour to match the message. The recipients seem to appreciate this. Enough said!


  7. Much prefer the black type on white background. The high contrast of old theme was hard my eyes…Hardly a case of prejudiced notion or something I heard or read somewhere else. I’m going by my own visual reaction from my very own set of eyeballs…


  8. I’m young and grateful that you’ve changed it! Yay! Isn’t there a WP theme that lets viewers individualize how they see your page? That way people are are grumpy about the change can put it back.

    Might be more work than it’s worth though. Just a thought.


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