8 thoughts on “Gregory of Arabia”

  1. How hot it looks! That friend of yours looks like he knows how to endure. I hope you´ll find some shadow soon to have a moment with your ArtJournal – and I hope you´ll share more views from that exotic place 🙂 Take good care!!


  2. What a great photo, Danny! And your tall friend is so CUTE! What is the purpose of the bag on the nose? Is it to keep sand from blowing into the camel’s nostrils?


    1. I’ll try to do some more drawings but it’s quite challenging as the heat is insane and one cant really sit outside after 9 am. It’s also not a very inviting place to draw, an air-conditioned nightmare of modern architecture. I am looking for the picturesque and will report back with what I find.


  3. Such a hillarious photo. Enjoy yourself there and hopefully you won’t get too hot, but I think that maybe comes with the territory. I love the fact that there are traffic cones in the desert!


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