From the Eye of Irene

It’s 7 a.m. Everything is very, very quiet except for the pitter patter of rain and occasional whooshes of wind. The city still seems to be alive though. Saw two guys walking happily down the street (umbrellaless), one taxicab (available), one cop car.
Woke up to minor leaking under the french doors, quickly cleaned up with a towel. We have lots of batteries, bottles of water, and cold cuts in the fridge. Other than that, our fears of “Katrina II – N.Y. edition” are fading, though the TV keeps yammering that even worse conditions will hit us in the next two hours.
Yesterday, I heard a guy say into his cell phone, “No, I am getting ready. I’m going to fill up all the glasses in my apartment with water.”
Plan to spend the rest of the morning drawing, drinking tea and eating cold cuts.

7 thoughts on “From the Eye of Irene”

  1. So glad to hear you´re ok! Worried yesterday for all of you on the eastcoast. So glad you´ll be drawing and drinking tea. Business as usual!


  2. It’s great you didn’t get it nearly as bad as predicted. Poor Vermont got it the worst I think. Who would’ve guessed! Cold cuts don’t last long if the power goes out!


  3. Great to read about you and your son!

    We have a book by you, which my hub grabbed in a MoMa store at the SFO airport a couple of years back (the only thing he actually bought for himself in the entire trip) and often I sit down with it to read through…but the illustrations in it are so gripping that it is usually tough to read 🙂 I like to share it with my son who is quite an artist too…he is about 6.

    I would like to share my website with the community of Artful Parents across the globe! It all started when my little son (aged about 2 then) started doodling such amazing masterpieces, that I just had to preserve each one of them. Over time, I ran out of space and ideas to stock them 🙂 This led me to create

    Do stop by!

    Your Blog is such a delight to browse through!!


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