The Daily Grind

A short film about my everyday.

For the last few years, I have walked to work every day. It’s about two miles and the trip takes about 35 minutes. I only made an exception if it’s raining hard.  Recently I got a new bicycle, a Bobbin from England, and I now make the trip in about twelve minutes, most of it along the Hudson RIver. My bike is new but old-fashioned. It has five gears but they are all fairly slow. Men in Lycra crouched over titanium frames from Italy streak past me as I toodle along. I am like an old man with a baguette in his basket, whistling under my beret, enjoying the birds and the sunshine and the breezes off the river.

13 thoughts on “The Daily Grind”

  1. Did you take this with a camera on your head or did someone else ride beside or run in front of you? Clever how ever it was done. Fun to watch. Loved the dog running along as well.


  2. Enjoyable as always. TOO SHORT! I took am wondering how you managed that camera….also wondering what a clip of my daily grind would be like. And what music I would set it to. Ha!


  3. I love this! I also bike every morning, but my ride looks very different from yours….through the corn and bean fields…saw deer and a red fox carrying a rabbit this morning! Cheers to a fellow biker!


  4. Funny, I also bought a new 5 speed old fashioned bike about one year ago (a portuguese model), and somehow it´s related with drawing. The same timing and beeing able to take the time to look. A perfect day now it´s to take the bike for a litle spin and find something to sketch!


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