17 thoughts on “First copies”

  1. I’m sure you might have some mixed feelings but take heart that you have made yet another beautiful work that will touch many, many people. I see it listed on Amazon and am looking forward to getting a copy in my hands asap.

    Best to you and thanks so much for sharing your work and your heart.


  2. Just feel everything…express and sit with it all. The pain, grief, the moments of relief perhaps in the ease that time and distance may bring and in the expressing of difficult times, the joys remembered, the pride in knowing that healing will come of for both you and those who will read it and be helped through their own journeys…because you had the courage to share. Thanks again, Danny. As always you are a brave, creative and encouraging example for us all who stumble through this journey with you. Namaste.


  3. It’s just another beautiful bridge….. Bridges exist because of gaps, spaces of void and emptyness, but also because there is a will and need to bridge it over…that won’t make it disappear..but it will enrich the landscape and invite some company.. Every bridge is different in itself and connects two unique sites..
    This new book will again invite whoever wants to cross.. to one of your most treasured and beautiful landscapes…Your readers will let you guide them around…YOu might call their attention to those important things in the lanscape that are relevant…and it will be a very rewarding experience for everybody…and I am sure THAT…will make special someone’s dreams for you come true once again.


  4. Bittersweet I imagine, but you’ve made such a beautiful creation. I hope you feel warmth and pride in there somewhere. I am looking forward to my pre-ordered copy.


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