17 thoughts on “Jack’s Graduation”

  1. Congratulations Danny and Jack. My son – also named Jack – graduated from high school a couple weeks ago, and also wants to go into the arts. Good luck to you guys, it’s a nice photo.


  2. What a mile stone (milestone?), they grow up so quickly! Ahem, you have noticed that he is taller than you, must be something in the water!


  3. I know very little about your family, just what I have read in the last year or so, but want to say congratulations to you both. I know Patti, in heaven, sees you both, and so happy that the two of you are “fine” Yea!!!!! the next chapter in your life will now continue, and only better days ahead. Oh…PS…I love your art…goes without saying….


  4. “The boys were asleep now, their long limbs twisted. I enjoyed the peacefulness. The only words were my quiet thoughts…warm reflections of small children. My boys have grown into young men. I am comfortable now, with my life shifting from season to season.”
    Lots to celebrate and be proud of. Congratulations Danny and Jack!


  5. Congratulations! Am I the only one shocked by how tall Jack is now? I only recently watched the Giant Sketchbook video again… they grow up so fast, don’t they?


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