EDM Challenge #4: Draw your cup or mug


I felt like switching up my materials a bit this time. I drew (and redrew — you can see my varied attempts at the circular shape of the lip) with a splattery dip pen and some India ink. Then I hauled out a medium I haven’t touched in years: my old collection of Tombow brush markers. I used to use these markers all the time when I first started adding  color to my journals. My collection grew and grew until I had a fistful of a hundred or more different shades.

Ultimately, I wanted to blend my own colors and I also grew tired of carrying around this huge bag of markers and ferreting through the m to find the approximately right colors, and so I bought some good watercolors and put the markers in a Ziploc in a drawer. This morning though, they were just right for the many small slivers of color I needed to reproduce my Paul Smith cup.