EDM Challenge #4: Draw your cup or mug


I felt like switching up my materials a bit this time. I drew (and redrew — you can see my varied attempts at the circular shape of the lip) with a splattery dip pen and some India ink. Then I hauled out a medium I haven’t touched in years: my old collection of Tombow brush markers. I used to use these markers all the time when I first started adding  color to my journals. My collection grew and grew until I had a fistful of a hundred or more different shades.

Ultimately, I wanted to blend my own colors and I also grew tired of carrying around this huge bag of markers and ferreting through the m to find the approximately right colors, and so I bought some good watercolors and put the markers in a Ziploc in a drawer. This morning though, they were just right for the many small slivers of color I needed to reproduce my Paul Smith cup.

8 thoughts on “EDM Challenge #4: Draw your cup or mug”

  1. Hi are the Tombow brush markers similar to the Copic sketch markers, I like the color but they bleed threw!!!!????


  2. I have to say, I absolutely love Tombow brush markers/dual brush pens and have used them for years. Lately it seems that I only hear about Copic markers in magazine publications, but I wouldn’t trade my Tombow markers. Love ’em! I know, though, exactly what you mean about lugging them around–I, too, carry my little Winsor & Newton watercolor set instead of my oversized ziploc bag ot Tombows. Ironically, I’m typing this with about 50 of the markers scattered in front of me from last night’s project…


  3. I like how you seemed to work the first attempts of round lips into the design of the cup or at least that is how I saw it before your confession! I sometimes write “oops” on such a goof, as I do not erase (can’t erase ink!)… or just let it be (as you did here)… I call it “my style!”
    I like the colorful cup and also enjoy Tom Bows.


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