EDM Challenge #5: Draw your bed

Sleeping dogs are a great subject and mine spend a lot of time posing. These two lumps sleep with me every night, almost aways in the same configurations, Joe curled up a foot or so away  and Tim nestled right up against me, clamping down the cover so I can’t move with out flipping him across the bed.

I drew this minutes after I woke up, my trusty sketchbook and finepoint Safari by my bedside. Something about the scene made me  want to capture the feel of my favorite old book  illustrations and engravings. I like the way the lines curve around Tim’s back. It’s easy to get completely micro-involved with cross hatching the folds of a sheet but I managed to keep that impulse under control. First thing in the morning, my eyes are still bleary so I draw almost by feel.  It helps to keep things loose.