EDM Challenge #5: Draw your bed

Sleeping dogs are a great subject and mine spend a lot of time posing. These two lumps sleep with me every night, almost aways in the same configurations, Joe curled up a foot or so away  and Tim nestled right up against me, clamping down the cover so I can’t move with out flipping him across the bed.

I drew this minutes after I woke up, my trusty sketchbook and finepoint Safari by my bedside. Something about the scene made me  want to capture the feel of my favorite old book  illustrations and engravings. I like the way the lines curve around Tim’s back. It’s easy to get completely micro-involved with cross hatching the folds of a sheet but I managed to keep that impulse under control. First thing in the morning, my eyes are still bleary so I draw almost by feel.  It helps to keep things loose.

6 thoughts on “EDM Challenge #5: Draw your bed”

  1. Love it! We have 2 Great Danes that pin us down in much the same way. Tomorrow instead of poking them until they finally wake up, I will try to draw them! I love little Tim all curled up in the corner there.


  2. Great drawing of your dogs. I often try to draw my dog but he never holds still and he wakes up early in the morning so the drawings are rarely any good


  3. I love this drawing, Danny! It reminds me so much of my own dogs ‘cos they sleep in my bed too…as it’s winter here, one of them like to actually dig in under the blankets to sleep. He likes to snuggle up next to me where, sometimes, I feel like I’m right on the edge of the bed while they hog the rest. lol


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