10 thoughts on “EDM Challenge #11: Draw your glasses or sunglasses”

  1. What can you do on a white board? I’ve drawn in everything from crayon to Coptic but trying draw something great on a white is a hair pulling challenge for me.


  2. I love this self portrait in glasses and crayons…seeing it made me smile immediately! A huge smile at a Danny Gregory Drawing! It’s such a joy coming here each time you post to see what you’ve done. And then I got a movie too. A movie that made me laugh out loud. The only thing missing was the popcorn. But that gets stuck in my teeth so that was okay! Good luck on your driving test! Remember that that first big letter is an E. You’ll do fine. 😉


  3. Hi, Danny,
    Love the bright colors!
    Good old Crayolas! Remember getting a now box of crayons? The look of them all lined up in the box, with round/flat-ended points. I hardly wanted to use them they were SO perfect! But, that only lasted a short instant….the feel of crayon on paper was begging me on! Have you tired Oil Pastels? Different, but so crayon-like!


  4. Hi, Danny,
    I follow your blog, your writing for years. I love your videos and drawings and has been a great stimulus to encourage me to draw.
    Now I’ve encouraged to start the EDM Challenge. I invite you to see my contribution on Flickr


    Many thanks.
    Marisol Covelo.


  5. Well don’t worry, presbyopia (old eyes, LOL) probably won’t affect your drivers’ license eyesight test. Only actual vision conditions that require corrective lenses, not reading glasses! I speak from experience – had my eyes lasered for TERRIBLE astigmatism and also was farsighted in one eye, and now am starting to have “old eyes” and need reading glasses, but I still pass the vision test at the DMV with ease.

    Funny, I also lied to the eye doctor to ensure I would get glasses in first grade, which was a problem since I really did have terrible eyesight. Somehow he figured out at which point I started exaggerating, and got the Rx right.

    I love that you’re making your own films!


  6. Hi Danny! Awesome video! I’ve been wearing glasses since I was about 7 or 8 years old. My first pair looked a lot like the “cat – eye” glasses of the little girl in your video. That started many decades of my love/hate relationship with eyeglasses. Hate to wear them. Love being able to see when I wear them!


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