EDM #10: Draw your hand or hands (or someone else’s if you like)

I was initially a little hampered by the fact that I just drew my hand, or at least my forearm, in Challenge # 8 a couple of days ago and wanted to do something different. My colored pencils have been gathering dust so I brought them out for this challenge. A few years ago, I spend a month or two filling a book just with colored pencil drawings but never really loved the experience. As you can see, I tend to cross hatch rather than blend with them so I decided that I might as well be using ink which is brighter and tighter.

While I was drawing, I kept thinking about a book I loved as a teenager and, once the Shrek version was done, I hauled it out: Burne Hogarth’s Dynamic Anatomy. Hogarth, who was an art teacher (he helped found the School of Visual Arts)  but also worked on Tarzan comics, had an extraordinary style and his knowledge of anatomy is infectious. It’s worth spending time at his website.

My visit to Dynamic Anatomy inspired me to copy one of Hogarth’s drawings and think about everything that goes on beyond the surface. Look at that cobra-like thumb!

7 thoughts on “EDM #10: Draw your hand or hands (or someone else’s if you like)”

  1. Hi, Danny,
    OOOO! I Iike the results of the visual blending of the colors of the CP’s! It has a real Impressionistic feel! CP’s can be used in so many different ways and not just manually blended with the pencils or a blender! It seems your way adds a bit of energy to the drawing!
    Hogarth is great! He was not afraid to cross boundaries between “ART” and “art”!
    The anatomy version of your hand has a gesture in it! Not just the old standard, stiff flat version!


  2. Wish you were posting to flicker’s Every Day Matters group so your 17,000+ followers could see what you are doing. It’s not too late. We get blessed by Tommy Kane every once in awhile…


  3. I’d like to see more of your cp drawings. Ink is tighter, I find that with my drawings, but I love art supplies. It’s good that you can draw with different tools and still be you. It’s a great source of inspiration.


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