EDM Challenge #14: Draw what you see in the morning when you get up

I did this painting fairly quickly, first in Dr. Martin’s washes and then added gouache and some white paint to simulate  a bleary, early morning, shallow depth of field. As is my wont, I worked quickly, nay hastily, and then scrawled a note along the bottom with a dip pen in Tiger Yellow watercolor.

For some reason, disaster struck:

The paper decided to turn my lines into spidery muck. Thinking I could repair matters, I tried a different nib and a darker ink. Matters went further down hill. Finally I pulled out my fountain pen and made a irreversibly botched job of it. I even slathered on some white-out to mitigate the damage and … ah, hell, that’s why Photoshop has a cropping tool.


Turn the page, on to the next challenge.

14 thoughts on “EDM Challenge #14: Draw what you see in the morning when you get up”

  1. There is a tender softness to this….perhaps you should try this more often, drawing through the blur….It’s early enough that I can’t read it through my own blur, so I thought the spidery muck was my own early morning vision… Seriously, that dog’s smile is enough to start the day out right..


  2. “Quickly, nay hastily” sums up my artwork in a nutshell, too! but that speed gives it such flair and movement, it’s wonderful. And you know the old saying, paint big, frame small….photoshop cropping is the modern day version, I guess!


  3. I’d say the writing is exactly HOW I SEE in the morning before I put on my glasses. LOL
    Delightful view of sleepy dog. I wonder what you would look like then if he drew you?


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