EDM #15: Draw a tree or trees, leaves or branches

This was a lovely drawing experience. At about 7:15 this morning, I strolled to the park with my dogs  and a snifter of iced coffee,  sketchbook under my arm . The heat had not yet risen, the birds and squirrels were at play, and the homeless guys were still asleep on the lawn. I sat on a bench by the playground to draw the old dead tree that seems to have been left by the grounds crew because it is so picturesque.

I drew with the usual Lamy Safaris, alternating back and forth between bold and thin, while my hounds bayed at big dogs lumbering by. After half an hour of drawing, I came home, made my breakfast, and added some sum-i ink tone and a few droplets of watercolor that was dried up in one of the cups of my palette.

It reminds me of the feeling of one of my favorite illustrators, Ernest Shepard.


Oh, and I saw the pair of Red-Tailed Hawks and their fledglings all together in the Park today. Very dramatic to see them swoop about.

One of them insisted on sitting in a mud puddle on the lawn for a very long time. I hope it’s okay.

9 thoughts on “EDM #15: Draw a tree or trees, leaves or branches”

  1. You continually inspire me. I have to figure out how to do a drawing a day like your doing. I stay up too late, I need to get to bed early and go draw in the morning before work!


  2. This has such a nice feel to it. I love bark. (tree bark, not necessarily dog bark) your whole story sank in nicely to my morning…left me with feelings for muddy hawk and dew wet homeless guys. drops of color on you ink drawing add hope for life.


  3. I am so enjoying your doing the EDM challenges. By following you I am almost ready to start again myself. Your work is so inspiring. I am sorry to put this in the comments but I have tried in vain to subscribe to get the blog updates by email and I never get the confirmation email and don’t get the updates by email. Is there any way you can fix that for me? leighbunkin@yahoo.com ? thanks if you can help


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