3 thoughts on “Pause”

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for all the books, short videos, and even the podcast you did a while back( I like hearing artist talk about the work and how they do their sketchbooks). I look forward to all fruit of your creativity. Thanks again.


  2. Danny,
    Great video! Thank you!
    I just checked out the book you recommended on Amazon
    and David Gentlemman has a new book out called, London, You’re Beautiful: An Artist’s Year.
    It sounds pretty interesting!


  3. There is another video called ‘Ex Libris’ done in October 2007 on YouTube. Im sorry that I can’t post a link but he talks about some of his favorite books in that also.
    It would be really cool if you could do some short films and maybe a podcast with the artist from ‘The Illustrated Journal’ to compliment the release of the book. I’m saying this not knowing about the challenges to production and publishing.


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