EDM #24: Draw a piece of fruit

This is my second painting of the day. My first is now in the dustbin — a failed experiment in painting with raspberry juice which I’ve discovered does not get darker as you layer it but just stays sticky and anemic.
Instead I tried using gouache more like oil or acrylic paint, mixing it thick and creamy and building up opaque layers from dark to light. I love the intensity of the color but the process is still a series of challenges — which is after all the point of this series of challenges. A lesson a day.

7 thoughts on “EDM #24: Draw a piece of fruit”

  1. I’ve never tried using raspberry juice as paint before but I have used blackberry juice and it works great. But your second attempt using gouache worked brilliantly and I love your hand written type!


  2. I have painted with cherry juice. Not juice from a jar but juice from actual cherries I was eating. I liked the effect. Love the raspberry.


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