EDM #25: Draw a glass (the kind you drink from)

It’s funny with a drawing sometimes how you can start out with something in mind and then find yourself in a completely different place. Sometimes that’s because you couldn’t pull off what you intended but sometimes it’s because something inside just pulled you off in another direction. I thought it would be nice to do a very flat sort of painting today, sort of like the foot I did last week, a base of blue with some sharp white highlights, very graphic and chiseled like my beer mug. Then I would draw on top with a thick pen, a Sharpie or a bamboo.
I mixed up some bright blue gouache and loaded up my brush. Then I fell into an observation of all the highlights and the different blues that reflected through the prisms of the glass… A few minutes later, I had ended up here, with essentially a watercolor painting without lines, not very gouachey and not at all the graphic, screen printed thing that had been in my mind.
I considered doing the heavy line drawing on top of the painting, just to hold on to some of my vision but before i uncapped my inkwell, I asked Jack his opinion and he insisted I leave it just as it is. So i did.
I like to try out different techniques and media, but sometimes I can’t escape my inner me, a person who gets into the details, who’s more prone to fiddle, who isn’t inclined to the simple, who likes the process more than the result. I can wrestle myself off my usual path, but in the end, I yam what I yam.