EDM #25: Draw a glass (the kind you drink from)

It’s funny with a drawing sometimes how you can start out with something in mind and then find yourself in a completely different place. Sometimes that’s because you couldn’t pull off what you intended but sometimes it’s because something inside just pulled you off in another direction. I thought it would be nice to do a very flat sort of painting today, sort of like the foot I did last week, a base of blue with some sharp white highlights, very graphic and chiseled like my beer mug. Then I would draw on top with a thick pen, a Sharpie or a bamboo.
I mixed up some bright blue gouache and loaded up my brush. Then I fell into an observation of all the highlights and the different blues that reflected through the prisms of the glass… A few minutes later, I had ended up here, with essentially a watercolor painting without lines, not very gouachey and not at all the graphic, screen printed thing that had been in my mind.
I considered doing the heavy line drawing on top of the painting, just to hold on to some of my vision but before i uncapped my inkwell, I asked Jack his opinion and he insisted I leave it just as it is. So i did.
I like to try out different techniques and media, but sometimes I can’t escape my inner me, a person who gets into the details, who’s more prone to fiddle, who isn’t inclined to the simple, who likes the process more than the result. I can wrestle myself off my usual path, but in the end, I yam what I yam.

7 thoughts on “EDM #25: Draw a glass (the kind you drink from)”

  1. And summer has not been summery enough for me this year either…. just wet!!! (UK). I’m really enjoying this series of drawings. Wonderful to see you using so many different techniques.


  2. I feel like I am attending an art class when I come here each morning to see what you’ve done. I like what came out of you this time very very much. I do think you accomplished getting the highlights on the glass well. That is one very cool mug. I’m sure it would be another very cool mug with the black outlines too, but stopping was good.

    We are absolutely ga ga over our summer weather. As we do not enjoy HOT which we’d normally have this time of year in our part of California, we are getting warm, mild enjoyable to sit out on the patio for dinner in the evenings sort of days and it’s comfortable and quite lovely!


  3. Beautiful mug! Jack was right to tell you to stop!
    I love looking forward to seeing your work every morning! It’s very inspiring! Thank you!


  4. You got into those highlights and hues…and ended up with a lovely loose looking painting. Beautiful work. Makes me feel a little cooler just looking at it too!


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