EDM #27: Draw a book

Sorry, for the self-congratulation but I’ve never drawn this before. It was nice to be sitting in my air-conditioned studio with all my gear around me. I drew it with both Lamy safari nibs, then painted it with Dr. Martin’s and did the background in gouache and the writing with a dip pen and white ink.

I love seeing people’s versions of my work. Below is a lovely rendition by Matthew Midgeley.If you’ve ever drawn one of my books, I would so love to see it.

By Matthew Midgeley

Love this one by Jinho Jung:

9 thoughts on “EDM #27: Draw a book”

  1. I just got this book, It is really helping me to understand who I am and why I should sketch daily. Thanks for putting this together, can’t wait until the next one comes out.


  2. Nice sketch of a great book. I love it! I read it three years ago and still look through it regularly. It inspired me to take a trip to Greece and sketch my travels. Thanks Danny for putting together such a terrific book.


  3. Your sketch makes me happy! I am waiting for the “UPS guy” today as I believe he will be delivering your book along with some others I ordered. Can’t wait to dig into it. I have soooo much to learn!


  4. I own this book too! I love laying in bed before I go to sleep at night and skimming through it. I believe the art faries plant seeds in my brain that come out in my art journals the next day.
    I cannot however SEE the second photo. Don’t know why. Just a little red x in a box????
    Maybe if I reboot it will appear. Hope so. Your drawing is terrific.


  5. Hi, Danny,
    You should be pleased with yourself for this book! It is not a selfish thing that you did that is for your own glory, but a most unselfish gift to us all! It was your child, you have birth to it and then sent it out into the world to do its own work. I gain new hope, insight, and inspiration every time I pick up my copy of this book and your other books/gifts to us all.


  6. Inspirational. I was so touched with your book that I read it straight through the first time I opened it at home. I have gone to it many times since then.

    Lee Kline / sketchrboy


  7. Danny – Congratulations!
    I love your sketch – and I love this book – I have it 😀
    You’ve givin me an inspiration to try it myself someday with gouache – Thanks!


  8. I’m glad you wrote it too…still one of my favorites! Maybe I’ll give it a go tonight and post back here. Also, I’ve gifted Everyday Matters to several people, and they have started drawing too over the last few years 🙂


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