EDM # 28: Draw an appliance

I laid down this base color in tribute to avocado green, harvest gold and almond, the kitchen colors of my youth. Now everything seems to be black, white and stainless steel. Drawn with a bamboo pen and india ink.


Jack and I are heading out on a road trip along the Crooked Trail today.  I will be drawing on the trip and hope to continue tackling the challenges each day but I doubt I’ll be able to scan and upload for the next week or so. If I get decent wi-fi, I’ll try, so stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “EDM # 28: Draw an appliance”

  1. Ahhh – gold and avacado – I remember how excited my mom was when styles changed and she could “get rid of the gold”! Your trip sounds like great fun! Can’t wait to see your drawings!


  2. out kitchen was a lovely combo of harvest gold & avocado green. there was wallpaper to match.. it was striped and even had some mirror silver stripes in there… and how about that long pile shag carpet in harvest gold? oh my! the 70’s was full of color


  3. I had an avacado green refrigerator! LOL What memories, thanks!
    Your food processor is nicely done with bold lines and slant!
    Have fun on the trip. I’ll look forward to what you bring back in your art journal.


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