An introduction

A new member to the EDM group on Yahoo wrote a lovely introduction I wanted to share:


I’m writing from Italy, a small city from the south of Italy.

Arts or the thousand ways to make arts were always inside the genes of my family. All my uncles from my mother’s side were almost pro music players. And I played a lot of jazz and the bass.

All of them were having also some strange genes and i have cousins that are chefs, my mother is superb in many crafts, my sister try to work in USA as comic colorist. She was lucky to attend an art school, so she is great.

I started doodling since I was a kid going around in the garden scratching my legs. In my adolescence I stop drawing and I attempted to be a professional painting restorer and I studied arts. I always collected art materials and so my lovely wife. I’m lucky she’s my first supporter.

But the ways of life are so strange and I became something else, dunno if more rewarding but currently I work for an international organization.

It was down there this fire, buried, my will to make some art as pleasure for myself. In the meantime, due my work, my missions in Africa I felt alone. very alone. The work was and it’s still very hard. The heat the humidity and mosquitoes can stress any people, believe me.

But I love my job… but sometimes get stressful shades.

My only relief in missions was only my wife’s voice on the phone and a sketchpad with a pencil. I made a lot of ugly drawings, some designs. Doodles. Lines with the will to be something more.

It was funny to see how time was passing with some good music. And i felt good if not better.

Months after I blown more on that fire burning inside me, and It was like to be rebirth, seriously. My wife also gifted to me a new bike.

Bingo. With the excuse to go to buy a toothpaste I go around my very small city (yes also to buy the toothpaste… :))) and I stop where I find something interesting.

My goodness, I feel everything interesting. Even if I stay at home I can draw everything is inside in an infinite doodle or in a lifetime long drawing. I feel and I like to draw everything from the lips of my wife to the coffee machine. From the ears of my cat to the old dustbin on my balcony. I can sit in the living room as drunk and I can pass any minute of my Saturday night with ease without even touching water, drawing and painting with a smile.

I can draw the toilet paper or a bowl of fruits or an ugly portrait of soap opera character with the same happiness.

That simple, I will never get bored. Something like a drug, an obsession for every single dust of the life.

So very later on I made also a blog where I show some of my crude sketching.

And I called everything is worth to be sketched because to me it’s like that. Apart from the results… eehehehehhe

Thanks to the fate I met also some inspiring books for myself mad thoughts. They are the books of Danny Gregory, all of them, that like a bomb exploded freeing me more and more. Me and my lovely wife. So grateful.

Thanks to letting me in this group, and sorry for the long presentation.


Visit his blog here

21 thoughts on “An introduction”

  1. Thanks a lot to Danny Gregory in hosting my presentation in his blog. I feel really honored. Thank you all in appreciating my presentation, it’s simply the truth. And feel free to see my sketchings.



  2. I feel so akin to this man…and his passion for drawing…he describes what I feel and do.
    I think if everyone who ever met you through your books or blog let you know how you have inspired them/us you would have a stack of letters that reached to the moon Danny Gregory!
    thanks for sharing this…i’d love to visit his blog too.


  3. What a wonderful thing to read! I love the way he writes and slowly reveals himself. It’s all connected. I, too, can appreciate what Danny Gregory’s books are to him, as they made a big change in my life. You are a good shepherd to lost sheep, Danny.


  4. Absolutely marvelous story of a life in sketching, avoiding sketching and how it comes up from deep with and will not be buried!
    Welcome to the group!


  5. I love how he describes it as the fire inside, I can’t think of a better way to put it. I’m so glad you posted this 🙂


  6. I have just read “Everyday Matters” for the second time. It has really helped me thru some difficult events this summer ,one being a diagnosis of my daughter having ovarian cancer and the other being an ex-son- in law’s suicide. I had already been sketching after the first time I read your book and have now resumed sketching after this second reading. I totally get it this time. Making my pen and ink drawing is very good therapy for me. Not a lot of people get this but it doesn’t matter because I do. Thank you for setting me on a path of healing.


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