EDM #33: Draw an eye

When I was ten and lived with my grandfather, I remember pouring over his medical textbooks, engrossed in the excitingly horrific illustrations that exposed the inner workings of our viscera. Sliced open chest cavities, skulls that doffed their caps, cross sections of reproductive systems, all depicted in airbrushed perfection and meticulously labeled— they were my first form of porn.

I made this particular drawing during my lunch break, in my meeting notebook, with ball point pens, crayons, highlighters and a Sharpie. It’s the sort of violent image that’s still quite deliciously enticing to the prepubescent boy crouched inside me, snickering. I probably drew the same sort of thing in my fourth grade notebook.

11 thoughts on “EDM #33: Draw an eye”

  1. when i was in nursing school studying anatomy, i loved those illustrations. it never occurred to me back then that someone sat and drew them. of course if i’d stopped to think about it i would’ve known. LOL i love your eye. it’s serious and detailed…but the lettering adds a bit of whimsy to it… i like!


  2. Of all the body parts you could have chosen the EYE is the most important I think for the artist!
    Of course the hand has an important part too, but respecting my eyes is so important to me.
    I do not take them for granted. Not for a NY minute. Especially when you live in CA.
    Your EYEBALL operated on as you’ve done here is both educational and artistically astute!
    Love that you did this at work. Did you do this from memory or did you happen to have a medical book laying around that lunch room? Yes, the writing is a fun addition!


  3. Very artisticly done, and the lettering really adds a flair. I’ve been away this summer and getting back I’ve been making the list of the EDM items you’ve come up with…..and should I find a day when all I should do it sketch, I just might endeavor to do them…..but at least I have the list!


  4. As a vision specialist, I LOVE your drawing! Made me think it would be fun to have some of my vision students do a drawing of their eye, noting the area where the vision difficulty comes from. Much more fun and engaging for them than just viewing it in a book!


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