EDM #44: Draw an animal

Okay, time to start drawing again. I made this from a photo I took at an outdoor party in the Hamptons. The bird was very impressive and the intensity of his gaze stayed with me long after he was put back in his cage. Horned owls are amazing predators and have been known to pluck out unwitting birdwatchers’ eyes, even here in New York City.

For some reason, this drawing made me think of Brad Holland, an illustrator I’ve loved since I was a teen ager but haven’t referred to in years. I just went and looked at some of his work and, while I  don’t think it actually does look like anything he’d do, I sort of see why it brought him to mind.

If you don’t know Holland’s work, check out this nice and too brief video about him:


I did this drawing with my Lamy Safari in one of the new Stillman & Birn hardcover books. I love the paper though there are some issues with the binding and they suggest we wait for the next shipment before using the hardbound ones.

15 thoughts on “EDM #44: Draw an animal”

  1. Yours looks way too nice to be an eye plucker, but I’ll be careful anyway! Love all your lines! I do believe I learn from studying what you do, and from linked folks info. Thanks for sharing. How’s Jack doing away from home? Having a ball I bet!


  2. I think you captured his personality and I believe he knew you were sketching him. Love the eyes of animals and wondering what they may be saying to us. I will take a peek at Holland’s work. Thanks.


  3. Beautiful owl. and thanks for linking to Brad Holland’s work. I had never heard of him – he’s amazing exactly the kind of illustrations I love.


  4. Really nice varied marks. Wish I could learn to do that.
    Danny, did you do away with the podcasts. I was going to re-listen and they are gone.


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