This painting of Jack and my niece Morgan is another spread that didn’t end up in the A Kiss B4UGo but means a great deal to me nonetheless.

Morgan was staying with us on the day Patti died. She was studying art education at the University of Ohio at the time and that day was in New York to interview for a summer internship at the Whitney. Morgan is Patti’s sister’s daughter and I have known her since she was born. She is the first child of her generation in our family and I have always loved her very much. When she started to develop an interest in art, of course, we wanted to help her in whatever way we could.

That summer, Morgan was offered an internship at the New Museum on the Bowery in Manhattan and I insisted that she spend the summer with us. Her gentle and caring presence was an enormously important part of our family and she gave so much to Jack and me during those first really difficult months. Morgan has much of Patti’s spirit — she is chipper and energetic and curious. She loves talking about art and using it to help people and she’s a girl — all of which were really welcome additions to our mancave.

Morgan has continued to visit us several times  a year since though, now that she has her MA in Disability Studies and embarked on her career at VSA Ohio, it may be harder for her to come to New York as often as she did as  student. My dream for her is that she will end up in NYC working at one of our many wonderful museums. We need her here.

5 thoughts on “Morgan”

  1. “She loves talking about art and using it to help people and she’s a girl — all of which were really welcome additions to our mancave.”

    How sweet.

    I like the comments on the carpet about your electron-free nights. And Morgan’s comment about not being supposed to have aunts and uncles.

    Such a great idea to share these pages that didn’t make it into the book. The triage must have been tough.

    Does Morgan know there’s a sexy French fashion brand, “Morgan de toi”?


  2. I just finished reading your new book and WOW… what a powerful and lovely tribute to Patti. I was afraid to read it thinking I would bawl the whole way thru and be depressed when done, but I was in awe of someone who could bring so much fun & joy to everyone around her… also loved the photos inside the dust jacket which made her even more real. I know a book is good if I keep thinking about it when I am done reading it and I cant stop thinking about this one. I have always said that Art is a heart healer. Thanks for sharing what didn’t get into the book. I hope everyone gets the book tho.


  3. Hi Danny….”AKissB4Ugo” is wonderful and is so helpful to me, personally. I bought “Everyday Matters” over a year ago because it looked interesting. I lost my husband one year ago, this month, and my son-in-law 10 days later. Both of these books are guidng me through tough times.
    I’m an artist but have been in a funk for a couple of years. I have never done an illistrated journal but am now motivated to do so. I not only love your art work but really enjoy your writng.I went on to buy “The Creative Licence” , “An Illistrated Life, ” Me time”, and also sent for “Peanut” which I gave to a wonderful Jewish couple, transplanted New Yorkers, living in our Cohousing communinty here in Santa Rosa CA. I read your blog daily and feel like you are my good friend
    as well as Patti..even though I didn’t know her or you in person. Thank you, thank you…. XOXOX


  4. Devoured your book as soon as it came in. Have promised it to a friend. Loved the way the paper felt between my fingers…almost like thumbing through your actual journal. Wonderful record of the agony of the first year of agony after losing a mate. Been there…understand.
    Tonight on Fox News ( at the risk of alienating a New Yorker, since you are all pretty liberal up there) I saw your great Chevron ad. Beautiful and touching. I felt pleased to my bones to know that I knew someone who had helped create such a quality ad. Thanks so much for sharing that part of of your life.. ….we like knowing what it happening between the sketch journaling!!


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