This painting of Jack and my niece Morgan is another spread that didn’t end up in the A Kiss B4UGo but means a great deal to me nonetheless.

Morgan was staying with us on the day Patti died. She was studying art education at the University of Ohio at the time and that day was in New York to interview for a summer internship at the Whitney. Morgan is Patti’s sister’s daughter and I have known her since she was born. She is the first child of her generation in our family and I have always loved her very much. When she started to develop an interest in art, of course, we wanted to help her in whatever way we could.

That summer, Morgan was offered an internship at the New Museum on the Bowery in Manhattan and I insisted that she spend the summer with us. Her gentle and caring presence was an enormously important part of our family and she gave so much to Jack and me during those first really difficult months. Morgan has much of Patti’s spirit — she is chipper and energetic and curious. She loves talking about art and using it to help people and she’s a girl — all of which were really welcome additions to our mancave.

Morgan has continued to visit us several times  a year since though, now that she has her MA in Disability Studies and embarked on her career at VSA Ohio, it may be harder for her to come to New York as often as she did as  student. My dream for her is that she will end up in NYC working at one of our many wonderful museums. We need her here.