AIDS is going to lose.

Two new commercials I just made. They’re among the ones I mentioned here a few weeks ago.

December 1st is AIDS Day. I have been working with Chevron to remind people of the battle against this scourge and to infuse it with some optimism. We have launched a big campaign to talk about how mother-to-child transmission of HIV is being overcome in Africa.

Me, my pal Chris, and my giant ad at the AIDS conference.

Last year I wrote an ad whose headline was “AIDS is going to lose” and it became a bit of a rallying cry, especially at the Global AIDS conference in Washington earlier this year. This year we are trying to encourage people to share this battle and information about how the spread of the disease can be beaten with education, testing, care and support.

AIDS is strong, but together we are stronger. If you’d like to help spread the word, please visit this special site we’ve built.

7 thoughts on “AIDS is going to lose.”

  1. Such a beautiful way to get the message out! Yes, Danny, AIDS is going to lose!
    Thanks for sharing this with us and for working for this very vital need in the world!


  2. Danny,
    Thank you for your work on this incredibly important campaign. My niece lost her husband and baby boy to Aids when we were just becoming aware of the disease in the US. Her husband contracted the virus through a blood transfusion following a motorcyle accident when he was younger. The road has been long, but through your work and the dedication of so many others, Aids truly IS going to lose. I hope your rallying cry spreads the world over.


  3. Aids IS going to lose, but it already has changed the history and the future of Africa and everywhere else too. Its impact on communities and countries in Africa has been so ground shaking that it is hard to imagine how will those communities look like 20 years from now. And what happens in Africa will affect the whole planet in the future.

    Thank you for your work on this, as Linda says above. And not many people can say they are the origin of a global slogan! Way to go!


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