3 thoughts on “Roz”

  1. Such a tribute… i love that she says this: “the book is about valuing experience”.
    I recently lost my mother and although our circumstances may be different, the feelings are the same. The pain is the same. When i read p.26 of your book, i was struck by how similar our experiences had been…in saying goodbye. Thank you for making me feel less alone. xox


  2. I think about Danny Gregory alot.

    last night I couldnt sleep. I am in AA, I have been for nearly a year, January the 5th will be my one year anniversary. My sponsor had been over and we were talking about how I can plan christmas so I will cope and not either find it all so tough I drink or get very depressed. Talking about it all brought up memories of past christmas’s and the pain felt terrible. I woke this morning feeling ill and fluey after my night of torture. During the night I felt that no one will ever understand what I have been through, I am lost, alone and misunderstood. The sense of helplessness and powerlessness is so overwhelming and the feeling like I can never ever express that and get understood gets me so frustrated and that frustration feels like pain and getting drunk a solution.

    Then I remembered Danny Gregory, and it seemed like a mass of communications and pathways opened up in my head and I am back in my sober workhead where I can think and plan and rationalise.

    I think you are amazing Danny Gregory, what you have been through is so terrible it is hard to believe it all happened to one family in one lifetime and you got through it and stayed human through it.

    You have really helped me over this last year, I couldnt have done it without you and a pen and paper. There were times when I was so paranoid I couldnt go out, so I started taking a pad and pen with me, I went every day to the same bench and drew the same view. My confidence grew and I moved on and got more and more sober, with you in my head and heart every day.

    Merry christmas, my thoughts are with you and thank you x x x
    Marcie Roche


  3. Your life experience feels like gold running through my veins. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Once again we are reminded how important we all are to each other. The network of our lives is so entwined and oh, how healing the sharing of our grief can open us up to the awareness of life that lies before us.


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