5 thoughts on “Deep in the Atlantic”

  1. Wonderful review. I read the book last night and was very moved by it. I want my husband to read it now as it is a beautiful record of love and loss.


  2. Awesome article, Danny! You have helped so many people who will read your book. (I don’t know if “read” is the right word…more like “experience”). You have touched on thoughts I have had after my mother’s death in Sept 2011. I miss finding peppermints, quarters and tissues in the pocket of every coat (we were the same size) I kept of hers. But that was her gift to me then. I don’t need them so much now. I journaled here and there as I went through the process, and I’m glad I did. Writing after the fact about what I experienced then wouldn’t have the same impact or meaning. Thanks for sharing your very private mourning process. May your journey bring you light.


  3. It is appropriate that someone of Steven Heller’s stature has done such an in-depth and insightful review of “A Kiss Before You Go”.


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