16 thoughts on “My Life in Volumes”

  1. what a fabulous article! Danny, you are leaving such a gift to your son, Jack. And what a gift you’ve given us with your beautiful books, filled with inspiration. i have them all. 🙂


  2. What a wonderful chronology. Fascinating to see the volume of work over the years and the progression and evolution. I love your childhood library. Thank you for sharing all of the glimpses into your inspiring and creative world, as always. Your work, your books (of which I am proud to own nearly all) have made a great impact on my own life.


  3. What an adorable kid you were! What life experiences! Some day someone needs to write a book about YOU! Maybe it will be YOU! I am one of the strangers who has a bookshelf full of books by you. You are my inspiration and art hero!


  4. Wow.. great interview. And WOW on all the books. I too have kept written journals for a long time. Mostly in lined notebooks, but nothing like you have done, and now I am trying to do the drawing too. You are an inspiration to us all.


  5. What a great blog post! Love all the pictures! I share your love of books and writing. My husband and I had part of our diningroom turned into a library to hold all our books. We’re already running out of room!


  6. Without meaning to sound gushy, I have to say that this blog post is one of the most inspiring, interesting and charming posts I have ever read on a blog…. Ever!!!!

    Inspiring, because as soon as I finish typing this I will be putting down my iPad and rushing to my “studio” (small space in the cellar) to pick up a pen and open a new page to draw and write.

    Interesting, because I have most, if not all your books, and loved the short history of how you came to be the man who set me off on illustrating journals of my own.

    Charming, because who would not be utterly charmed to see those childhood pages and stories and imagine the child so caught up with the magic of books as to gain so much pleasure in the simple act of arranging them on his shelf ? (I do that even now).

    Thanks Danny – I’ve bookmarked this so I can return to it often.

    PS: I notice Amazon UK now have your Ilustrated Journeys book up for pe-order. .. Can’t wait for that!


  7. It’s hard to imagine a positive outcome from the death of a life partner and beloved friend. Somehow, starting with your honesty after Patty’s accident, your open love for her that shines in your drawings, and your brave sharing of the year after her death, the universe is returning love to you in kind. And Patty is able to live on. Having followed you for a few years now, I’m amazed at the way this is unfolding, but I guess I shouldn’t be. That’s how karma is supposed to work. Right?


  8. Wonderful piece….the olive tree on a hill overlooking Jerusalem…the sharing….how precious you were as a little guy. Thank you, Danny. ~ Lynn


  9. Great articles, very nice photos, it gives a very good perspective on your work and daily life as a writer and illustrator. It is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing this.


  10. i just want to tell you that you are such an inspiration. That blog post made me want to revisit my old childhood notebooks (filled with beginnings of young adult novels–I was a huge Sweet Valley fan). I remember that I particularly enjoyed drawing my characters for the cover too, which I designed. I never finished any of those novels but you made me remember that drawing and writing could go hand in hand and how illustrated journalling gives you the best souvenir of a certain place, time or date. Thank you for everything.


  11. Another wonderful post, Danny. FYI your blog is my pick for Blog of the Year (2012). There are some pesky things called ‘rules’ that go with that award but I won’t bother you with those. I did however want you to know how much you inspire me — in life and in art — and there’s no blog I would rather nominate. Thank you.


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