7 thoughts on “My latest chat in New Hampshire”

  1. Wonderful interview, and insightful accompaniment to book … and it’s always interesting to hear you speak out loud, as I am so used to a (somewhat different??) voice in my head when I am reading your books and narrative. The expression on your face in the photo above made me laugh. 😉


  2. Beautiful interview Danny! I am still patiently awaiting my copy of A Kiss Before You Go, maybe I’ll have a surprise in the mailbox tomorrow. Your comment of the grieving process taking a minimum of a year to work through really hit home. Having to live through all the seasons of the year without Patty… Though not having gone through the painful loss you have endured, I found it curious that the stages seem somewhat similar to the stages of going through a divorce. Though I didn’t mention in our chat this evening that this is what my past year has held for me. I marvel at your dedication to document the year in your own way, and now sharing your story with the world. I truly look forward to sitting quietly with your book and take it all in page by page. Hugs!


  3. It’s wonderful to hear the voice behind the images. In the interview you remained consistent to your story and the message I took away from your book. You have a way of presenting yourself and your thought beautifully.
    By the way… I love the photos inside the book jacket! A real joy to see you and your precious Jack and Patti.


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