Two interviews I like

Here are two lengthyish radio interviews I did recently.

The first is with broadcasting legend Bob Edwards for his show on NPR and on XM Sirius satellite radio. In case you missed it, here’s a 30 minute recording with images from the book.


The second is with family therapist David McMillian on his show, Strategies for LIving.

You can hear that here.

7 thoughts on “Two interviews I like”

  1. On this Valentine’s Day, know how much we love you, Danny! You have touched our hearts and showed us that caring, living deeply is alright, is essential! I can understand why “A Kiss Before You Go” is getting so much attention! Well deserved….
    It arrived today !!!!!! My copy, pre-ordered, of “An Illustrated Journey”. It is so jammed-packed with life! Love it! Thanks. Bless you!


  2. Question….I spent some time tonight transcribing your interview with bob Edwards so that I could learn how to caption your interviews using the captioning program link you sent me. It would save tremendous time if someone else? Sirius fm radio? Had already transcribed your words….

    Otherwise I’ll mess around with the words and transcribe everything, and potentially get the geniuses at the apple store to give me a specific lesson… would I actually access a Vimeo of yours to learn how to insert the words?

    Really positive about being able to caption your shows.

    I am so sorry about your wife. I can’t imagine losing even a bit of my husband but I have. Age has brought on some problems, I find myself here more in the house with time to try a crazy captioning project.


    1. Hello Jill,

      I have done a lot of transcribing of tapes, and I find that using Dragon Dictate helps tremendously. I would listen to a line, then dictate that same line with my voice to my computer. I am a voice actor, and Dragon gets about 98% of what I say right the first time. Give it a try.

      It remains a time-consuming job, but captions and subtitles are incredibly valuable things.

      Kind regards from Luxembourg,


  3. Dear Danny,
    Yesterday I received your book A kiss before you go. I had given to Amazon my work’s adress to make sure that I’d be in when it arrived. I couldn’t resist to give it a couple of looks still during my workting time. Then at home, after dinner, I went on, reading and reading until I finished it.
    It really touched me, I am mooved for all the love it reflects, such a big, huge, real love! I think your drawings are really illustrative, not only descriptive of what you were seeing when you were drawing, but also, and mostly, of how you felt when you were drawing.
    This is the third book I read from you, I think this is the most sincere and intimate. Thank you for being so brave to show your feelings and face them. Both, Patti and you are an inspiration. I didn’t met her, but your book makes me love her.
    I wish you and Jack ALL THE BEST. Thank you.


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