A conversation with Prashant Miranda from “An Illustrated Journey”

Here’s the next interview with the contributors to my new book An Illustrated Journey: Inspiration From the Private Art Journals of Traveling Artists, Illustrators and Designers

prash-1I just love Prashant Miranda for so many reasons. First of all, I love his freedom — he travels through India, apparently sleeping on couches and beaches while using his art to serve others. Then he pops back to Canada, works on animation and illustrates books, and as soon as it gets cold, he heads back to India.  His paintings are full of love and color with a gentleness and wit in every panel.  And, as you’ll see in this video, he is a supremely happy and contented person who makes me feel happy and relaxed whenever I talk with him.

prash-2I have included Prash’s work and story in several of my books — you will remember him from An Illustrated Life and The Creative License. But it is as a traveller that he is most inspiring and exemplary and I hope you will enjoy his work in my newest book, An Illustrated Journey.

prash3I chatted with Prashant when it was well after midnight in his temporary home in Goa. He was sitting on a balmy verandah by the sea, an owl roosting in a tree behind him. I was  hunkered down in frigid New York, envying him once again.

Prash shares a lot more in my book. Here’s an excerpt:

“I am a migratory bird. I spend my summers and autumns in Canada, and when it starts getting cold, I travel to India. And within Canada and India, I travel around.

Travel is a very important part of my life because it is a dose of reality, widens my perspectives and gives me an objective viewpoint of the places that I live in. Like not taking for granted that we get fresh drinking water out of our taps here in Canada, hot water too! And when I’m in India in certain places I’m thankful for that!

Often when I draw while travelling, it attracts…” (continued)


(See more of Prash’s work in the book and on his blog — it’ll make you rethink your own journal, I promise).

9 thoughts on “A conversation with Prashant Miranda from “An Illustrated Journey””

  1. Danny, several people in the book refer to “pare” watercolor – I’v never heard that phrase before and I’m not finding an answer on the Interwebs. Does that another term for pan watercolors?


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