A conversation with Nina Johansson from “An Illustrated Journey”

Here’s the next interview with the contributors to my new book An Illustrated Journey: Inspiration From the Private Art Journals of Traveling Artists, Illustrators and Designers

skowera_ninajohanssonNina Johansson lives in Stockholm so even the most mundane things she draws strike me as exotic. She is an amazing watercolorist and urban sketcher and I have learned do much from studying her work.


I hope you’ll enjoy what she has to say in her video chat and in the book. Here’s an excerpt:

“I find that drawing a place makes it more mine, no matter where I am or how long I’m staying. When I draw a street corner in my sketchbook, I take a little piece of this place home with me. All these little pieces end up in my bookshelf, as a collection of all ”my” places in the world. It’s not a greedy kind of ”mine”, it’s a grateful kind, I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to visit and share all these places with the people living there…” (continued)

Please don’t forget to check out Nina’s blog.framlingsvagen_apr12