Let’s draw together! C’mon!

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So, listen, I have always thought it would be nice to get a group of people together and draw in a lovely place. You could call it a class, a workshop, a mildly dirty weekend ( if you are sloppy with your ink) , whatever you want, but it could be fun if I could ever get it together.

It seems I finally have.

Last fall I was contacted  by Arthur Samuelson, a  lovely man who is the director of the Rowe Camp and  Conference Center in the Berkshires in Massachusetts and asked if I might  want to come up and do a workshop there in late spring. It does seem like the perfect place to spend some time together drawing and so I have agreed to do it on the weekend of May 31- June 2.

It is an accesible place but also remote enough to be a proper get-away. And what I really like is how affordable it is, room and boardwise — they even are willing to price things according to need, so I hope you can manage it.

It will be a three day event, from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. We will get together on Friday evening, I will talk a bit and discuss a plan for the weekend. And I will show examples from my journal collection. Then you can thumb through em (and hopefully share some of your own). After a good breakfast on Saturday we will set out to draw in the woods, the lake, and the small town nearby. In the evening, we’ll sit around together and share journals and stories. Then on Sunday we’ll do some more drawing and writing and scatter home after lunch.

I will post a lot more about it very soon but just wanted to get the word out now so you can make plans a reserve a place (I think the number of attendees may be limited). This is my first time doing such a thing so if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Here’s the link for details and registration.

Even if you have NEVER drawn before, please consider joining us. I will be fun and not at all traumatic, I promise! I really hope you can come.

15 thoughts on “Let’s draw together! C’mon!”

  1. I am sooo bummed that I can’t come that weekend. Even if it is across the country (diagonally, no less, from San Diego) I would be there if I could! Have a wonderful time, so wonderful that you do it again and give some more advance notice so that I can come. xoxo


  2. This sounds wonderful!! I do hope you keep this sort of thing in mind if you ever come to the UK… Please could I be first in line for a future UK drawing retreat??? Pleeease?


    1. It seems reasonable, not too far away. although the $ is a lot just for me for a “vacation”, when I could be spending the $ & time with my family. Even though I really want to go. Got to weigh it out the next few days & figure it out.


  3. If you have time to roam around, don’t forget to visit Northampton, MA. It is an awesome place for coffee houses, restaurants and it has the most art galleries in one square mile than anywhere else. Paul & Elizabeth’s is a great place for a vegan style lunch. (They do have fish too.) East Side Grill is a wonderful place for dinner. Great blackened scallops there. Also you can dine at Spoletto’s. There is an artisan gallery on the corner of Main street past Thorne’s Market where you can see local work for sale. Too much to mention.


  4. Just in the short time I have been reading your posts, Danny, I have been drawing and painting up a storm. Tonight I did a threadbare chair in an Econolodge in North Carolina. Yesterday, the Savannah harbor. It feeds my need to work fast, and balances my attempt to learn more tedious art skills. Kathy Kelly ( a kid in an oldish body)

    On Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 11:10 AM, Danny Gregory


  5. Hi Danny
    I attended your round table forum at Westbeth last year and loved your journals and the beautiful drawings that give your memories a place of honor. I just registered for the workshop and I’m very excited to be be inspired once again….


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