Planning ahead….


If you are planning to come to my weekend workshop, please message me (

I’d love to assemble an online group beforehand so we can chat and I can give you tips on what to bring (firearms, scuba gear, chocolate biscuits, etc).


The group is going on FBook. Let me know if you are coming and want to join.

5 thoughts on “Planning ahead….”

  1. I´d so love to join in- but I can´t make it from Stockholm, this time. I say like Jane LaFazio- I would love to know about this ahead of time, next event, if possible- please!! AND- if you´ll ever consider making an on-line-class- PLEASE let me know!!! ❤


  2. On the 2nd of june is my birthday… I wish I lived in the States… I would have liked to come sooooo much!!!! Oh well… Have a lot of fun!!! And be careful with the chocolate biscuits!!! The more you eat them the more you really need scuba gear to hide your belly!!!


  3. Hello Danny,I am signed up for your workshop along with my 19 year old son, Charlie Parker. I can’t wait!!! Not sure how to do the facebook connection thing, but if I dn’t hear back from you I will try something else.Barb


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