Jenny & I and Tommy Kane & Yun drove down to Baltimore for the weekend. Our main objective was to eat crabs. And we certainly did that. crab a1c1921ab44d11e2950722000a1fc86f_7 We also stumbled into a half-dozen divey bars around town. This was one of our faves: bad decisions Baltimore also turned out to have some amazing art on virtually every corner: atomicman

We saw this Amish version of the Scream propped in someone’s window. scream

The art highlight of the trip was  a visit to The American Visionary Art Museum. AVAM They don’t allow cameras inside, so check out their site for more.AVAM pig It’s  a museum devoted to untrained artists and it is so moving, inspiring and awesome.  AVAM car I’ll be thinking about what I saw for months to come.  It is well worth a return trip just to reexamine everything again. black and white We also went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and drew critters and ate funnel cakes. sheep sheep2 sheep3 dog in nest

The weather was amazing. jENNY James

And it was a fantastic time with some of my favorite peeps.

tom and yun

14 thoughts on “Baltimore!”

  1. Oh, I’m sorry I missed you! I live in Baltimore and there are some great places to eat crabs and see or make art. Glad you enjoyed our little town. I teach high school art and I’m really hoping to bring my class to NYC. I show them your work, videos and books. We have a great time discussing what you do.


  2. Loved tagging along on your weekend trip via your blog. I love to go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival but couldn’t make it this year. I was always a bit upset by all the lamb food for sale and totally understand your sheep’s reaction. Great sketches!!!


  3. Lucky to have visited the Visionary Art Museum soon after it opened…today I still remember the effect it had on me.
    The Walters Art Gallery is a true jewel not to be missed. requires far more time to enjoy than you think.

    Lived in Bal’mer for 11 years and was lucky to have family there.
    First off, call around to find out which restaurant has the largest crabs…not because you are a pig, but you get the best lumps of back fin for your work and ruining a manicure.
    We used the wood mallets only on the claws after pulling the key on the bottom shell, breaking the crab in half, and getting out the crab meat.
    I bet that your fingernails were encrusted with Old Bay Seasoning and not salt.
    You can do a “Crab Boil” at home. EAT OUTSIDE. Afterwards, soap and hose down the area several times, you can’t believe how many she’ll bits fly away and stick…flies and the bare soles of your feet will let you know.


  4. Looks like fun! Sheep are definitely scaredy cats or as a friend of mine put it, “born to die.” We have a flock of hair sheep and they are so easily startled into running. I guess when you have been prey for millenia, it makes you nervous.
    Aloha, Kate


  5. So nice that you all got to the Alpaca and Sheep show at the Fairgrounds too. I have never been but I have friends who love, so that will go on the calendar for next year. I thought of a place for another kind of drawing retreat. Shepherdtown, WVA don’t know if they have a place like the Rowe but it would be a cool little town to draw in and about an hour from Baltimore. However, please I love the Berkshires so do another one there too 🙂 Oh and maybe at Meadowmack Family camp in Maine an awesome place.


  6. Great sketches and looks like it was a great time. I live just one city south of Baltimore, but I head up there every now and then, and if you know where to go, then it’s really a fun city once you shake off the Baltimore stigma.


  7. I’ve only driven through Maryland, and spent the night at a friends. There was no time to tour. What I saw of the countryside was beautiful. Now I want to go back and have a better look, and maybe get in some painting. I love your journal pages Gary. Thanks for accepting my friendship on Facebook.


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