More on Drawing in the woods with Danny

To those who will be joining me:

Arthur at the Rowe Center tells me that we have maxxed out at 40 attendees and have 10 additional people on the waiting list. That’s encouraging.
A few random thoughts.

1. I have pretty much worked out how I think the weekend will flow. I’ll give a few slide show/ presentations and some direction on drawing and sketchbooking generally. We’ll do some drawings together inside and then have lots of opportunities to wander around Rowe and draw. We’ll have a number of opportunities to meet and hang out, and to share our work with teach other.
As you know, I’m not really an art teacher but I hope to tell you what I have learned from doing this for (yipes!) more than 15 years, and to inspire you however I can. I imagine there will be a lot of opportunities to talk and ask questions and, as I assume I will forget to cover all sorts of things when I do my slide shows, I’ll be counting on you to provoke me with questions that will provide additional useful answers.

2. I plan to bring a bunch of my sketchbooks  to pass round. If you have any projects you’d like to bring along to share, please do.

3. We might set up a flickr group or continue this Facebook group after the weekend so we can keep sharing images from our sketchbooks if we like.

4. We’re also going to bring some copies of my last few books in case you want to round out your library or have me inscribe them for you or just spread the word among all the people who will be so impressed by your newly developed drawing skills and want to get in on the action too.

5. Someone brought up the possibilities of mayflies bugging us as they are common in Vermont in Spring (hence the name “May”flies) and could drift across the border to Mass. Arthur assures me they will be gone by the time we arrive and if not he will stand over us with a swatter. Just in case, you could bring light-colored clothing and some repellant. I am a worrier but I don’t plan to worry about mayflies. I will however be armed for bear.

6. The experience of putting this weekend together has been fun and creative and I think I will try to do this more often, maybe in other beautiful places.

If you have any suggestions of specific sites for future drawing workshops (anywhere in the world), please let me know.

14 thoughts on “More on Drawing in the woods with Danny”

  1. It would be great to come in Toronto area …anywhere! …(I’ll look up and send you beautiful places as a suggestion) …I’m 50 km away from Toronto and I don’t mind driving. There are beautiful places in Toronto as well in Oakville and Burlington
    I would love to be part of one of your workshops!


  2. I second Nikita’s suggestion! I live in Niagara Region (actually closer to Buffalo than TO – but anywhere in the “Golden Horseshoe” would be great! I also would love to take part in one of your workshops!


    1. I’m in Hamilton Valerie, and you know what ? The best place would be Niagara on the Lake! I love that place !!! I never had the chance to draw there (none of my friends/family would wait around for me to draw :0). I’ll send to Danny some pictures from there. I hope we would gather enough people to “convince” him to come…how cool would be that ?!!


  3. I’d like to re-suggest Vancouver or anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. You host and I will come!


  4. New Zealand is the most beautiful …….. Oh forget it…. I will just sketch those lovely mountains and most beautiful people on my own …… Unless you want to make my year….


  5. You REALLY need to come to the shores of Lake Superior – in the summer, not the winter! Bayfield, WI, a lovely little hamlet on the lake would be a wonderful place to meet and draw!


  6. Anywhere in driving distance of Germany? Okay, make that flying distance. But if you ever do a workshop in EUROPE, please let me know!


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