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I have just taken the wraps off my new website.  At last, I have managed to pull all of my best stuff together (drawings, books, films, ads, bloggery, etc) so it’s easy to look (even on your phone).  If you aren’t familiar with all of the stuff I’m up to, check it out.

Kick the tires and do let me know if there’s anything weird, unclear or lame about it.

P.S. I will continue to blog at this location. The one you’re on now. Got it. Okay? Okay.

24 thoughts on “Newness”

  1. Great stuff! Nice clean look. A few things I noticed-
    1. The images seem to take a bit to load. Not sure if you might need to optimize them more to load quicker (like the drawing page)
    2. Some of the photos on the drawings seem dark to me. You might not be able to do much about that, but if you can, might be nice to see uniform lighting on all the drawings.

    Seems easy to navigate & colorful while clean. Good job!


    1. oh one more thing – on your ads page – it’s a bit difficult to get back up to the top where the menu is if you’ve been scrolling down to see everything. If you could break that up to more pages so there’s a quicker way to get to navigation that would be helpful for people. Hope these comments are helpful & encouraging 🙂


        1. Glad to be of help. Also really like the new opening drawing you have of yourself. Love the colors – you should do a spin off “Walking Dead” version – you could stick with the greens & blues already in there! LOL 🙂 Love it!


  2. Hi Danny, Your new site does not work for me.  I received the home page through this email you sent me, but the categories did not open up.  I tried a different way and googled your name and it brought me to an advertisment for online art galleries and publishing.     



  3. Hi Danny, I’m getting the ‘under construction’ site here in Scotland. Just seeing a still of what I think might be your home page. I’ll take another look tomorrow and get back to you.


    1. Hi Cathy, If you hover over ‘ my new website’ in the first sentence under the portrait of Danny and click, there should be a link to the new site. It took a while to load on my machine, so you might have to be patient. Liz


      1. Thanks Liz! Yesterday there was no hyperlink there, but now it goes to the page which it says is “under construction” and most of which is generic ads that do not relate to Danny (for example the journals link goes to ads for blank journals). Looking forward to the site!


  4. Hi Danny, Your new website is now loading, but taking its time. Kept getting a white box saying ‘loading’ . Managed to see a few pages (which look great) but then it froze! Had to shut down and reboot. I’m on a MacBook Pro using Safari, if that’s any help. Liz


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