A quickening.


We are being very productive in the studio these days. Jack (home for Xmas from RISD) and I have been painting together, and the air is redolent with the heady scent of Gamsol and the sounds of Biggie Smalls and NPR.  Our approaches are markedly different but our passion is similar.


Our lemon tree has put out  a fresh crop and the oranges and mandarins are ripe for picking. Each morning in my bare feet, I peel and eat a couple.

Our vegetable garden is fully stocked now and hurling up stalks and leaves (ah, the miracle of living in Cali in December!).  It adds to the fecund atmosphere with the perfume of chicken manure and the excited yaps of hovering crows. The hounds patrol but are more apt to roll in the soil than chase off varmints. Next project: build a dwarf scarecrow.

I love watering my patch and marveling at each’s days growth.  We will be eating well come the next solstice.

Another exciting development: I have finished the manuscript for my next book and it is safely in my editor’s grasp over at Chronicle Books. Now I have a manure-load of drawings and designing to do by my springtime deadline – a lovely chore. More on that as things develop.

And finally, the project I spoke about in my last post is growing by leaps and bounds.  We are working on what it will look like, where it will be housed, how big it will be, how tall, how loud, how fortified with vitamins.  It just keeps getting more and more amazing as more great talents join our team.

I do hope you have signed up to be alerted as soon as the blossoms appear on its branches. Oh, and perhaps put a way a penny or two in your Xmas fund for seed money.

I case you forgot to sign up, there’s still time:


16 thoughts on “A quickening.”

  1. Another delightful DG post! Thank you Danny. Wonderful that Jack is at RISD (my alma mater.) My daughter is there too, in ID.(actually, in the risd/brown dual degree program, engineering at Brown. Proud mama indeed.) Looks like Jack is a painting major, from the incredible paintings I’m seeing in your garage. (um , I mean studio.) *BTW– not sure if the links [next book, project] are meant to be live, but they didn’t work when I clicked on them.* Continued thanks for the wonderful inspiration you provide to so many!!!


  2. Just a friendly hint from an old gardner … jerk out that mint right now and plant it in a pot! It will spread and take over the world!


    1. I know! When we arrived in LA, the whole bed was full of waist-high, browning mint plants and I pulled out yards and yards of roots — enormous, thick, white cables that were tenacious and serpentine. I kept one smallish plant for sentimental reasons but I should follow your advice and jerk it all the hell out.


  3. Hi there, i felt warm and sunny reading your post, it’s cold and grey here in UK, thanks for cheering me up with thoughts of sunny California. Love your blog and looking forward to the new book,got the old one next to my bed,love it .


  4. Your post made me nostalgic for my own daughter’s visits home from college. Sweet moments to share and meld and become….thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to see and hold your new book, and see your new project. I am a native of Los Angeles…born and raised until transplanted to Washington. I miss the year round growing season…good luck with that garden. You might contain the mint…it is aggressive.


  5. I’m green with envy over the Lemon Tree and Mandarins. I keep saying I will purchase an indoor variety since I live in the NorthEast… but I never do. Not only do I NOT have the room or sunlight in my little bungalow… but It’s just not the same.

    Oh… and to be able to paint side by side???? AWESOME!!!!
    It sounds like your world is expanding in more ways than one!!!

    Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!


  6. Great to see you and Jack spending art time together. A lovely post and, yes, Meg gave some great advice about the mint…separate pot for sure. My daughter wants a lemon and a lime tree for their new home. We’re currently waiting for our cherry tomatoes to turn red. YUM!


  7. I agree with Meg! Rip out that mint! 😉 On Kaua’i, ours took over the whole corner of our property! Lots of mojitos! Now in New Mexico, it’s seasonal. Enjoy the planting seasons & the painting seasons! Happy Holidays!


  8. The paintings are amazing and the thought of a garden makes me look outside at the 15 inces of snow and sigh. Enjoy! And yes….yank out that month or plant it in a pot in the ground


  9. Amazing art in your studio !!! You’ve been teasing us with the “turd-art” couple of blogs ago…:0) and look at that !!!!!

    For couple of weeks now I spend every Sunday, with my son 1 hour in the Starbucks newly open across our house. We draw and enjoy our beverages. Me coffee, he foamy milk. I hope this will last …forever …he is rather tempted sometimes to stay home and play games on computer :0(

    When he wakes up I’ll show him this picture in your studio and tell him about Jack too. He knows a lot about you …like an arty ” uncle ” living in LA :0)

    Happy Holidays to you and to your dear ones !!!


  10. Wondering if you’ve had a chance to see the Hockney show in SF? The sketchbooks, iPad/iPhone sketches and demos are great.


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