A major new interview

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 11.19.54 AMThere’s a major new two-part article/interview with me about SketchBook Skool.

(Click here to read it).

We really got into the ideas behind the Skool, what I think about art, why it matters — a lot of new stuff. It was an interesting process and I am really pleased with the piece.

14 thoughts on “A major new interview”

  1. Good work Danny. Your “Creative License” was my introduction to your work, it has inspired, encouraged, me to do my own work. In many ways you have validated some of the stuff I was thinking.


  2. Love page 1 of the interview – can’t get page 2 to load and when I go back to the home page have no idea how to get to archives, search, or anything that might help. If you have a suggestion, can you leave it here and I’ll check back?


  3. Danny – what an awesome interview! I love your distinction between “Art” and art! As I read that, I felt my whole body relax and a smile grace my face. Yup! art – that’s what I do. That’s what’s teaching me so much about myself and life and color and shape and….
    I’m so excited to be among the original members of Sketchbook Skool, and so proud of the risk you and Koosje took to make it happen! Can’t wait to see what comes next!!


  4. It’s a great article, inspiring. I signed up for the first Skool but “didn’t have time to do it”. Bad me! I’ll try again. Thanks for the continuing inspiration


  5. I love that the sketchbook is “the burger of the art world.” A lot more people can relate to a burger than escargot. Great article.


  6. Great interview, beautifully said – and THE DRAWING!!!!! SO GOOD!!!! The Skool is an amazing invention. Hoping it will go on. So many great artists out there still to learn from – and no doubt much more still to learn from the artists/teachers who have already appeared. Thank you for this exciting and inspiring adventure.


  7. Great piece! I had to copy and paste a few passages into my ‘Why Make Art’ Evernote notebook 🙂
    I love your evangelistic mission and how it’s manifesting in the world.


  8. Loved the interview Danny. Thanks for sharing it. Also loving being part of Sketchbook Skool. It’s the school/course I have been searching for for a long time but of course did not exist until now. Many thanks!!


  9. Hi Kevin I agree with your last point. However, it is just a fact that the grading you refer to is very often regarded as and communicated as a lesson observation grade


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