Images from the road.

We are driving from LA to NYC.  I’ll post pictures from the trip here. Click on any picture to see the gallery.

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13 thoughts on “Images from the road.”

  1. My husband and I drove from New Hampshire to Los Angeles some years ago, when we moved over there, these pictures bring back so many good memories! Hope you’re having a blast on the road.


  2. Wow…Looks like a lot of inspiration for your journal!!!! Can’t wait to see what shows up! Have a safe trip…keep us posted!


  3. Yay… thanks for that – wonderful to be included… It all looks incredible. Back in 1992 I came over to the states to see my dad who llived in San Jose, his wife didn’t cook evening meals so kept giving me cash to go to restaurants. I spent 99c on burgers and saved the rest up and after a couple of weeks had enough to drive from san jose to Los Angeles long the coast road and spent a couple of weeks doing it – it was great. I have never been back but would love to and if I did that route is the one I would want to do so great to see it like this. Have a burger for me my friend x x Big love to you both x


  4. All of your photos are amazing. When you had that post called, “Welcome to America” about the contrasts between NYC and the rest of the country *when you first left NY last year), I thought then that you should write a book about it. These photos only add to that belief. Also, I think you have an excellent photographer’s eye. I can imagine just the photos of your American sojourn as a beautiful coffee table book. Thank you for sharing these shots of our beautiful, historical, wabi-sabi landscape.


  5. So glad you are taking your time, Danny, and not rushing this journey back across the country. It fits everything that you teach us about every day matters and slowing down and enjoying the journey. God bless and keep you safe from harm!


  6. The scenery is stunning and I also like the photos of Jen and you, also stunning. It looks like your having a great time. Enjoy the ride.


  7. I travelled Route 66 many times when it was The Mother Road, back in the 50’s before Freeways, Interstates, those roads that take all the uniqueness of this vast country and homogenize it into a maze of fast food joints that all look identical…can’t tell what part of the country you’re in from any other. How I loved that trip, I play Route 66 in my car, my favorite rendition is by Natalie Cole. Superb! Takes me right back there.


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