Further on down the road

The final leg of our cross-country drive.  4,000 miles, 10 days, loads of eating, driving, drawing, and fun. Click on any picture to see the gallery. Or you can follow me on instagram: dannyobadiah.

10 thoughts on “Further on down the road”

  1. I have enjoyed following your travels, Instagram is really neat, Danny you are a great inspiration.Someone wrote a very good piece on your book Everyday Matters and how it inspired them. So I am not kidding about your teaching and inspiring. Thank you.


  2. What a great trip! I love the discoveries to be made by car travel – Marfa, Tx. looks like a fabulous find! And fried green tomatoes – a favorite!


  3. It’s been a great scenic 10 days thanks for the ride. You and Jen look fantastic for being on the road 10 days and 4000 miles.


  4. Awesome trip, glad you are back in NYC! Sketchbook Skool is rockin’, I love it. Great shot in front of Walter White’s house: you are the danger. You are the one who knocks! I told my wife Laura about your trip, she asked if you guys were back here yet, (yesterday) I said “I don’t know…”


  5. […] 4, Marfa, TX. Jenny and I realized a long-held dream, driving cross-country from LA to NYC. We stopped midway in this little farm town, which Donald Judd has turned into an art mecca. […]


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