4 thoughts on “A lovely new interview”

  1. Wonderful interview Danny! 😊 I also do not want to make drawing a chore and want to enjoy it every time..but that leads to longer gaps between two drawings and so I do not improve as much as I would if I were practicing daily..did you face this problem too?


  2. Great interview Danny!

    Love those parts (above) that i copy and paste (usually) …so i remember it better :0) :


    “I don’t hang my pictures on a wall”…( I DO! – YOUR PICTURES :0)), …so what difference does it make as long as I have fun? If you have fun, you’ll keep doing it. Which means you’ll get better, which means you’ll have more fun. If you beat yourself up, it’s a self-perpetuating problem.”


    …”You have to look at it as a learning experience, and be able to say, “I’m going to trust that this person’s objective is to make this better.” If you get clouded by emotion, then you don’t learn and you don’t get anything out of it.”

    Its interesting how you know to say the same thing in different ways. Its is like certain medications i guess. When the body (read monkey) get used with one, you find a different version that works to annihilate that little orang-utan :0)


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