What rhymes with “Danny’s drawings?”

I am so honored.

The poet Isabelle Barry invited a group of her colleagues at dVerse to write poems based on my drawings.  She also interviewed me to give some context for my work.

The interview is here.

Links to the poems are here.

Enjoy them — I did!

11 thoughts on “What rhymes with “Danny’s drawings?””

  1. I really enjoyed the collaboration, Danny. I owe a lot to both dVerse and Sketchbook Skool and was glad to be bale to feature the to together. Your interview is greatly appreciated. Apart from the comments online, I received a number of private emails about it.
    Gabriella (aka Isabelle)


  2. The poems are fabulous. .. Some sad, some poignant, others whimsical. .. and more. But all respond to your art beautifully. Thanks for the post. (I’m an SBS tragic)


  3. What a great idea. I know once you create a work of art, it speaks to different people in different ways. What an amazing gift to get to see how so many people react — or rather feel deeply about your paintings. Things like this make me love the internet and how much creativity gets shared here.


  4. These are just amazing – wonderful poems just bursting with imagination. I’m part of a creative wiring project her and we just might steal this idea….


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